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Clay Travis brings his signature ‘Outkick the Coverage’ show to Fox Sports Radio, where he will be sharing his unique view on the world of sports daily, as well as taking live callers and speaking with the biggest athletes on the scene today.

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NFL trade deadline, NFL top 5, bottom 5, The Athletic raises $40 million, DJ Durkin back at Maryland

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The anonymous mailbag is fantastic. Go read it:

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Hue Jackson fires, Jameis benched, Fitzmagic back, blown call at Mizzou, Outkick top ten, SEC power rankings

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My playoff top four, the SEC power rankings 1-14, and my national top ten. The Starting 11 is here:

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Happy Halloween from Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

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On Megyn Kelly's firing, the bombs in the mail, the college football playoff and the WWE event in Saudi Arabia: