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 Featuring The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman, Steve Gorman SPORTS! will deliver unique sports commentary and entertainment, including Gorman’s perspective on what’s happening in sports, music and pop culture. For years, his secret to staying sane on the road was an obsessive devotion to watching and discussing sports, and now this sports fan wants to bring the fans into the conversation.
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Two years ago today

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The Post-Show Press Conference
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Browns fans feel like they just watched a random passenger land a crippled 747 #phew NFL Draft

Erick Nance And Garret was hoping to find a parachute to get off the plane.
Jessie Casteel And Chicago fans feel like the bird that Sully hit.
Aaron Cathcart Then blows up when browns trade 12th pick to texans
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No SGS today - enjoy the draft coverage. Back tomorrow!

Donovan Brink Jeffrey Gorman. "I didn't see the Raiders taking a media specialist."
Sean Kerns And with the 24th pick in the draft.....the Oakland Raiders select.....
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Today on the SGS #MidweekMixtape: The NFL Draft is upon us, and a couple hundred dudes are about to have their lives changed. Let’s give these kids some advice, whaddya say?

Scott Fonder Shake his hand like a man and walk away...Song...Walk Like A Man, The Four Seasons!!!
Roger Faso Big Time - Peter Gabriel
Rob Desrochers Cleveland Rocks?
Steve Pudzis Dad...
Kyle Higgins No Speak No Slave?
Scott Fonder Please God, no more bro hugs!!!!
Todd Lyons
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Steve Gorman SPORTS!Steve Gorman SPORTS! shared Vox's video.2 days ago

Please, for the love of all that is righteous and holy, learn and live this.

Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Dear drivers: Don't be that jerk who drives slowly in the left lane. XOXO, Everyone else on the road
Vikki Fleming At that point I rely on the power of Pandora to ease me through the road rage with a smattering of Sepultura, Job For A Cowboy, Pantera, and Slayer with Ludacris and Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder just to keep things off-kilter.
Rick Lowery i know the correct...lane to daily left lane jerks....hmmmm
Stephen Romans Thanks for sharing. I will do the same. The word must get out there!
Spencer Gross I'm very sure that this driving tactic was invented, and developed in the state of Ohio.
Tammy Sheets Happened to me this morning. A driver going 55 in the left lane; completely oblivious.
Christine Mal Mo We see this all the time in MA unfortunately. 🙁
David Roche My life, every time I'm on I495.
Gerri Vidal-Rosa Hello, Floridians!!!!
Spencer Gross I
Wendy Dotson Richards 🙌🏼
Candy Mack Amen
Tamara Clohessy Rick Lowery
Cris Aimes Lol ,. Americans