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 Featuring The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman, Steve Gorman SPORTS! will deliver unique sports commentary and entertainment, including Gorman’s perspective on what’s happening in sports, music and pop culture. For years, his secret to staying sane on the road was an obsessive devotion to watching and discussing sports, and now this sports fan wants to bring the fans into the conversation.
Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Steve Gorman SPORTS!23 hours ago

#tbt December 2, 2000, The White House, a couple of hours before performing at the Kennedy Center Honors. I am told this is the exact look I get - glassy eyed half smile poorly masking my intense discomfort - when I see snakes...

Matt Wilczynski Only one human on Earth knows what runs through a mans mind as you back up The B-52's in front of President Clinton while shimmying like Davy Jones to accompany ferocious Maraca playing. Well done, sir.
Jon Dizzle "Man, those cigar and Lewinsky jokes never get old," I said sarcastically. Very cool that you got to meet the President and play that gig, which seemed to have occurred a couple of years ago but was actually 17 years ago.
Matt Hayden Your life pic experiences blow me away. Pretty cool for an Orioles fan. But...I did hold Wild Bill Hagy in my arms right by section 34. Ask Justin Styll - it's an odd obsession. I'll have you "airborne" someday.
Edder Reyes I love the version of "Sweet Little Sixteen" you guys performed. I still remember watching it. It really got me hooked on the Black Crowes
Mark Dardy Was is cold? Or did Kate Hudson just like wearing winter hats at formal events??
Jeff Drummond "You know, I always thought 'Wiser Time' could use a raging sax solo... "
Rafael Gomez Hinojosa You are a true rock'n'roller. I remember when we used to have those. #NeverSellOut
Mike Posey Is that Monica standing next to Kate smiling at Hillary like a Cheshire Cat?
Adam Jaffe Chris looks like he is way too excited to be there in the background. Is Clinton asking you how Chris got past his secret service?
Scott Ragone I'm guessing he told you he secretly had to inhale with Chris near by.
Tom Boylan When you shake Trumps hand, imagine how crotches he grabbed with his hand
Terry Parker Hmmm... none of the SCOTUS judges who were soon to hand the presidency to Boy George were around to Mickey?
RL Wood Did you ask him if he had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky?
David Langella The things you endure for your trade
Jamie White I hear he had a killer cigar collection in the Oval Office.
Rafael Gomez Hinojosa It's been 16 years!?
Michael Gordon Aaawwwww, your the drummer.
Chip Phillips Pretty sure he's checking out your wife.
Courtney Cheasty Gillis
Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Steve Gorman SPORTS!2 days ago

For Magic Johnson next trick, he'll need a keen eye for talent, patience from the fans, and his very own #MidweekMixtape! Let's help the man!

Rob Desrochers John Lee Hooker, "It Serves You Right to Suffer." Go Celtics! 🍀:
Rick Martel I remember that SI cover way back then...
Roger Faso Do You Believe in Magic - Lovin Spoonful
Jeff Drummond
Farrell Procopio Magic Rooster Blues
Kyle Strauss "You can do Magic" -America
Jim Julsrud Is this one too obvious?
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
Cris Aimes Miracles : Jefferson Starship
Slade Gulledge Right out of the gate!
Gary Morton
Bill McClafferty
Corey Commons
Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Steve Gorman SPORTS!4 days ago

Feb. 20, 1987 -
30 years ago today, I took a Greyhound Bus from Hopkinsville, KY- Atlanta, GA to start a band that I had conceived with my old high school buddy Clint and his friend, Sven.
A lifetime spent thinking...

Kimberly Falsafi Awesome! Also, that house is now worth 800k. Dying to buy a house in Candler. Too rich for my blood.
Rob Desrochers What kind of kit did you get for 700 clams in '87? I bought my first drums for Christmas in 1986. I had slightly less cash to spend. I ended up with a 7-piece CB700 set. They were midnight blue. The color was the best thing about them, but oh how I loved those drums. Now I could finally stop beating the crap out of all my schoolbooks, which I would set up on my bed according to their tonal qualities.
Gregory Strickland I always wondered where that house was. Perhaps thats the same house the front porch interviews took place on the "Who Killed that Bird out on Your Window sill " Documentary?
Mac Mckinley Where are the drums now ?
Bob Gorman Our parents, Don and Imelda Gorman, encouraged all of us to "follow your dreams, follow your heart." Actually, what they said was, "We don't care what you do, just don't expect us to pick up the tab." Which was kinda the same thing.
Shane Gordon You should write a book Steve, very captivating, I dig this little story man, by the way, thank you for making that Trek... and all the dope ass beats, my favorite being the intro to Wee Who See The Deep!
Selena Ann Wood Thank the heavens for you taking that leap. Because of that, my life ultimately would be changed with the indelible footprint of The Black Crowes. Music that saved me, friendships that grew me and road trips that spent me over the years. Another road song, another mile and I'm forever grateful...
Martina Liwulanga Thank you for taking that ride and for all of the music. I have been a fan since I was 11. Your music has lead me through my life and made me feel less alone and less different. Thanks again for everything. You have made a difference in my life. I can't thank you enough.
Clay White I will never forget Tad and Wade playing a copied demo tape in the dorms at Murray of their friend's band that was about to release an album. Fall of '89. Changed the style of music I was listening to then and forever. There was a song we all loved on there that I don't think I've ever heard again. We finally braved the snow and got to see you guys at SIU Carbondale a year or so later. Definitely good times.
Ken Duncan You faked it well! I once read a George Harrison interview where he talked about not liking too many of the new bands. He did not record for many years with all of the crummy electronic keyboard music. He was impressed the Crowes and mentioned them as an exception! I totally agree! Y'all kicked the doors down! Kick Chris' butt and reform!
Lucy Diamond Thanks for sharing. The product of your decisions helped me more than you know. I was a fan from the start and will be forever.
Courtney Cheasty Gillis I didn't realize the history with Sven! I was a senior in high school trying to go to as many Aerosmith shows as I could.... having no idea I would be in love with the Crowes only a few years later. Thanks so much for sharing this Steve! <3
William Ruhl Hey man thanks for the sick beats and great times! Met you once in NC (we drove from Michigan and you were quite impressed) and very cool of you to take time for a couple college kids. I'll always be rocking the Crowes!!!
Erika Farmer Greene Thank you for sharing this story! I too , am full of gratitude for this day thirty years ago! Your music will forever be a part of my soul! Love, light and many blessings!
Brian McAdams You guys might on a permanent hiatus. But, your still the greatest band I've ever seen live. Nothing was contrived. No tricks or drum machines. I wish I would have seen you in the 90s! First time was at he Hammerstein NYC in 05. And you were fucking absent! Still a great show! Cheers, Steve! The Black Crowes are still my favorite band!
Brett Hendricks Timothy might also be able to add to the story. We are all more enriched by this leap of faith and I am glad to know a bit more about it. Cheers Mr. Gorman. Missing your voice in my sports news and looking forward to hearing more rhythms.
Andy Mailman Steve to echo everyone else's sentiments above. Thank you for the blood sweat and tears that you put in to following your dream. You and the guys have given all of us a lifetime of happiness through the songs and performances over the past 30 years. I have no doubts that on numerous occasions it was you who intervened to save the band when it was on the verge of self destruction. Thanks to for being the stand up guy that still takes time to chat with the fans after the gig despite having hammered the drums for 2-3 hours straight. Once the next TH album and tour is done, please publish your anecdotes from the road as they're some of the funniest, most moving accounts I've read. Peace
Brent Anderson This pleases me no end, long lost amigo. Risk is at once terrifying and electrifying and too few venture from the safety zone to see which way they'll fare. Glad you did.
Chris Butchard Awesome stuff man. Love where life takes you. Big fan of the show bringing two of my passions together.. drumming (love the music yarns) and American sports.
David L. Carter Great story but you didn't mention that badass O's jersey you arrived in. That's a winner amigo. '71 O's greatest pitching staff of all time.
Ryan Sterling I reckon you could write one of those books that would sell to people who haven't even heard of the Crowes.
Will Adams i live right next to peachtree battle and frequent jalisco not nearly as much as i should after reading this. great story.
Trout Snobs The lesson is in the bravery of being and the reflection of gratitude. Class act Steve on so many fronts. Always have been always will be.
David Roche Dammit make with the book already! I'm guessing that can only be one Atlantan named Sven.
Duane Day It turns out you were in the greatest rock & roll band there has been.
Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Steve Gorman SPORTS!1 week ago

#TBT February 1983, final home game of my high school basketball career. While you might see this pic, taken from under that basket, and think "Steve is clearly going to have great position to snag an offensive rebound", I see it and think,...

Tom Richards Little known fact: Steve has worn those shorts under his clothes for the last 24 years
John Mark Stone Let it go man. Let it go.
Brian Carr Hey look, your Reggie Jackson!
Scott Mason And you survived your coaches abusive language???? No player today (especially any at Colorado State) could possibly handle it. Somehow we managed to make it through all of this without any psychological damage (well, not that much). My HS coach once asked us (loudly) during a timeout if our feminine hygiene products were properly in place. He had a flair for making his point.
Joel Signoretti I always remembered that time when you tore it up on the MTV Rock n Jock basketball game. Think it was 92 or 93
Kale Forker Would that be the UHA Blazers? Live in Henderson KY not far from Hoptown..
Terry Stepp Cue "glory daze"
Jeff Drummond We need a Midweek Mixtape for this.
Lee Underwood Apology accepted.
Spencer Gross Deep man......Really deep.....
Brad Jordan Loved it !
Steve Gorman SPORTS!
Steve Gorman SPORTS!2 weeks ago

Miss yesterday's show? Ain't no thing - check it here:

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