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Clay Travis brings his signature ‘Outkick the Coverage’ show to Fox Sports Radio, where he will be sharing his unique view on the world of sports daily, as well as taking live callers and speaking with the biggest athletes on the scene today.

Clay Travis
Clay Travis was live.19 hours ago
Michael John Absolutely love your show Clay, don't always agree with everything you say but most of it I do. Your my show program of choice every morning on the way to work, here's to many more years to come!!!
John J Murphy Cable news, and cable sports tv networks like ESPN, are a dying venue. In 5-10 years, almost all the cable news and sports shows will be livestreamed on a social media platform.
John J Murphy Just be genuine and intellectually honest. We know you're not a right-winger. But you call it fair. Just don't sellout if fans ever went more liberal
Adam Loring From Dave Chapelle: "if Michael Sam hits his boyfriend while in an elevator, is it domestic abuse, or two dudes working stuff out in an elevator?"
Joshua Walker What should ESPN have done to increase their level of success besides not going to a left wing business model and not over paying for sports rights?
Roman Shpigel OK. ESPN has the rights to UEFA Champions League and UFC overseas. Surely, in Europe the model is still strong, due to non-reliance on the NFL
Chris Butler People are turning away from ESPN because viewers just want to watch sports so what do they do? Lay off analysts and reporters fans want to hear from and keep the PC bromanis
Justin Sly FS1 is in trouble if they think Skip vs Shannon is the answer lol... ESPN will replace new dude on first take and make it Stephen A. Smith and Lavar Ball full time #logicofsportsmedia
Kenton McGalliard These ESPN journos' reactions to their buddies being let go is vastly more empathetic than their constant "Should ______ be cut/fired?" headlines.
Autumn Lass What do you think this means for the longer idea of "cable bundles" - is the the beginning of the end of cable. We only have it for sports.
Autumn Lass How do you think this will affect player salary (could there be strikes in future when they can't get paid b/c of TV rights)?
Patrick Murray It would be interesting to see if A) ESPN saw the error of their ways and stopped being so left-wing, and B) they figure out a better business model that is not so dependent on subscriptions.
Adin Ducker Michelle beadle LZ grande rs on Marcellus Wiley and amin elhassan last week were making fun of people that were saying ESPN is failing because of their left views. Who is laughing now?
James Hack It defies logic to fire reporters that people actually like while allowing the people who are literally driving viewers away to stay and get promotions
Patrick Murray To answer Matthew Hundo's question, journalism tends to bias towards the left because those who become journalists in the first place are really activists ("reformers") first. That is not a complete answer, but it's a start.
Mike Martine ESPN sold out to pc fascism. It is the death of them!
David Symanitz they should of kept making tv shows like playmakers, would that of helped them?
Ben Voor Here goes Doug assuming everyone, including Clay, wants to see his opinion every two seconds.
Sid Gray ESPN is like what our government was the last eight years.
Matthew Hundo Why would they choose to go liberal instead of conservative?
James L. Goode Having left wing views is fine, but when you don't balance it out at all.
David Krogh they didn't decide to go LEFT... they are all LIBS...
Jake Shrull Whats going to happen to the SEC Network and Longhorn Networks?
Aman Chabra Mike Conley's legacy will be the poster boy for the downfall of ESPN and not for his play on the court. Wow!
Joseph Wade Staler Please explain the Conley overpaid thing again briefly? Just caught the end of that
Clay Travis
Clay Travis1 day ago

ESPN fired 100 on air talent today as its business continues to collapse:

Rick Vitolo They have already announced Ed Werder...wonder who else. For so much of my life, ESPN was the most important channel on it is almost impossible to watch all of the politically based ranting and raving. Sad day in sports.
Chuck Baker What I love about Clay Travis is that he isn't afraid to call out liberal bias. And while I know he isn't a conservative, he doesn't attack conservatives just to come off as balanced. He call B.S. as B.S. if it comes from the right or left. I rarely watch or listen to ESPN anymore. It is either left-wing propaganda or just fluff at best. Instead I listen and watch FOX Sports Radio, Fox Sports, local sports radio, and of course Outkick The Coverage
David Goin How about the facts that they rush through the game highlights, barely showing any just they can show the hosts , talk , and talk, and also there is a commercial break after every five minutes of programming. ESPN sucks now. Just show the highlights , and shut the hell up.
Jamie Case Spot on, Clay. The only thing you left out was ESPN's piece glorifying Fidel Castro in November of last year after his death. It was disgusting and irresponsible, and it was the last straw for me.
Nathan Ungar I enjoyed ESPN for years always on. However like you mentioned in the article it became a CNN network allowing sports analyst to preach to me. They destroyed the NFL for me on the kneeling aspect - why address it and when you do it's one sided where I feel less American as a Veteran. I hope all entertaining analysts learn from this - we want an escape and to enjoy the sport
Dwayne Parker I think a lot of ESPN lifers/fans are saddened by the collapse of the network.. I'm 100% aware they read or value Any of our comments. I recently sent them an email "as a supporter" to recommend listening to their viewers.. of course no reply. You simply can't eliminate, offend, or any other appropriate word, half of your viewers without expecting negative consequences.. the reality is they are past the point of rescue or recovery., this should, however, serve as a what not to do scenario for other sports networks..
Skip Lewis If you're a cable channel and you think everyone wants to hear your liberal babble and leftist views on everything and you can just cram it down their throats, ask ESPN how that's gonna end up ........
Sam Steebs I agree that ESPN is in fact not pulling the ratings and not in the best financial state then it was say 10 years ago is absolutely correct. However Clay Travis, to say it is collapsing is completely ignorant. Disney is worth over 48 billion dollars...... The recent firings and re-structuring of many employees does come as a shock, but it's something they have to do to try and get back to being what it once was, the world-wide leader in sports. It's basic business, but to say ESPN is collapsing is outrageous.
John J Murphy Cable news, and cable sports tv networks like ESPN, are a dying venue. In 5-10 years, almost all the cable news and sports shows will be livestreamed on a social media platform.
Jorge Ochoa I don't know where people think politics come into play with espn losing money. The channel comes as part of cable and satellite packages. You can't order channels a la carte. People are cutting costs by not having cable and satellite altogether. It tends to be a ripoff. By people not having cable and satellite, ALL channels tend to lose money. It just looks worse because Of the ridiculous amount of money espn pays for the rights to air live games. It isn't because people are tuning them out due to left leaning bias.
Kevin Perry Ed Werder, you've got to be freakin' kidding! That's pathetic, he's one of the best in the business. I'm sure the NFL Network or someone will pick him up pretty quickly. Way too political, typical Corp. America and probably explains a lot of ESPN's declining ratings.
Shane Davis ESPN is still worth $5 billion more than your network's PARENT COMPANY. FS1 wouldn't even be in the top 3 ESPN channels. Worry about your network
Reagan Chessher The only thing that I would like to add is IMO, people want to watch the games. I don't need or want analysis or commentary. Just a 30 minute pre and post game wrap up show.
Mac Waddle They didn't fire the people they needed to fire. Sport Center used to be a collection of sports highlights. Now it's a collection of people sitting around talking about sports. That's not what built their following to begin with.
Brian Iacoboni I grew up on ESPN, their liberal agenda has ruined them. Should have never fired Sage Steele! They now are goin down the tubes
John Sweeney Jr. ESPN should of left politics out of sports and just concentrated on SPORTS after all they are a SPORTS CHANNEL NOT A POLITICAL CHANNEL. People watch sports to get away from the real world but ESPN couldn't see that thus ratings dropped big time.
John Barnes If they tried not to be so damn political and like show the view, maybe they would not be so bad. They've turned off their core male audience. I am waiting for fox sports to pick up on this.
Jerry Defriese Are you forgetting to the POTUS is? Sadly, it's going to start happening across the board in all sectors.... save up your lunch money!.. it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, after the Trump tax cuts... like we didn't learn the first time with the Bush tax cuts....Go Preds!
Pete Bogart Good. Maybe they'll get back to just covering sports.
Gary Hendricks The Bruce Jenner courage award done it for me. Slap in the face to Pat Summit
Ryan McMahon Sat on that ESPN PR's guy's comment just like Demarcus Cousins did to you...
Danny Thompson This is what happens when you put politics over business. Especially when you want to shove your personal agenda where it shouldn't belong
James A. Gentry Fox Sports is in just as bad of shape as ESPN. The market is too over saturated with content.
Richard Light they got 3-4 shows on in the afternoon that all report the same stories, just different anchors. They need 2 re-invent
Marc Smith I quit watching a while ago. If want to watch politics, I'll turn to a news channel. Not a sports channel.
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Clay Travis
Outkick The Coverage
NFL Draft first rounder accused of sexual assault, bloodbath coming for ESPN layoffs, Aaron Hernandez was gay suicide note bombshell. Podcast:
Clay Travis
Clay Travis was live.2 days ago

NFL Draft first rounder accused of sexual assault, bloodbath coming for ESPN layoffs, Aaron Hernandez was gay suicide note bombshell

Brandon Pilcher No major news is covering Hernandez bc he was a gay serial killer and nobody cares about him. I personally am glad he died. At least we don't have to pay for his life sentence.
Adam M. Smith Because all the liberal media are too worried to bring it up to not hurt "feelings". You tell it like it is buddy! Keep it up
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Doug Hoffman Does amazon prime or Netflix hire espn talent to launch sport coverage?
Jerry Powell Is ESPN totally going in the wrong direction with this political correctness
Dave McCoy That's because Michael and Jemele aren't any good. Kornheiser hasn't watched a team outside of D.C. the past 5 years
Tony Agolini Me too - excited for what the mystery ad will bring us.
Christopher Shah hernandez couldve classified himself as a wide receiver instead of a tight end and made a lot more money
Doug Hoffman The one big they missed about cal is the guys who didn't get drafted who fell into the d league or worse
Jon White You are totally going to use the $50k watch as a Segway for the watch ads you do, right?
Adam Ashforth Am I the only one who has never seen an ad when clay clicks it?
Apostolos Kyprios A lot of people are "cutting the cord" though generally. I can't load this live feed but will watch later. Is there anything in the TV broadcasting contacts that would allow ESPN to renegotiate them given the poor ratings or are they pretty much stuck til their completion?
Lauren Quinzi Wilson Who do you think the Panthers are taking in the 1st round? I want McCaffrey.
Mason Reuter Seems like Schapp had someone in his ear immediately though as he didn't pursue the topic
Mason Reuter Jeremy Schapp said something about it on The Sports Reporters this past Sunday
Autumn Lass What about how this Conley compare to the La'el Collins plummet a few years ago??
Doug Hoffman Want a good project type in sc6 around 7pm watch the outcry of people
Logan Weissler Is this directly attributable to the tv rights bubble, or are there other things at play?
Logan Weissler Is there any place in the TV market for a 24/7 sports channel? Is the underlying model sustainable in any format?
Patrick Friedrichsen Remember being astonished when you broke this about 2 years ago. Essentially all turned out to be true
Chuck Taylor They got too political and people like me said good bye! Just do and talk about sports and you'll keep veiwers.
Jd Dugger Love the Calipari 30 for 30 Infomercial. Too bad none of this is true.
Bama Rtr Clay.... You are the man. Love both of your shows. You need 4 hours.
Scott Johnson In this day and age can't you just click over to Facebook?,
Clay Travis
Clay Travis2 days ago

“Bloodbath” coming at ESPN. Remember when PR chirped I was wrong with my story? Awfully silent now.

Garry Phillips They doomed themselves when they let their left wing politics into the sports coverage...just cuz you're an expert sports analyst doesn't mean we want hear your BS worldview!!
Jorge Ochoa There must not be sports news today. Clay loves shitting on espn every single week. Lately his career has been writing about them. Look for another topic. This horse is already beat to death.
Jarod Sadler They should reaffirm their liberal position on all of the social views. That's really worked well for them. Michael Sam and Kate Jenner is what their viewing audience craves more of.
Anthony Frost I haven't watched anything on ESPN other than live sports in years. I enjoy sports to get AWAY from crappy everyday life stuff like politics. ESPN trying to shoehorn their political agenda on viewers will end up being their down fall. Can't say it hurts my feelings at all.
John Gormally Disney had a nice program going where they allowed low IQ adults who liked games and cared about the world around them (even if they couldn't understand it) to be on TV. Unfortunately resources dried up and the market will have to find a place for these no skill individuals
Milo Moon I would expect a lot more remote broadcasts of games. Where a team calls games from the booth in Bristol and not the stadium. With most schools having their own broadcast facilities, why spend the money sending crews around. Remote calling would allow a team to possibly call several games a weekend, instead of just one.
Jerry Jet Hoagland They did not buy Professional Sport contracts properly and their programming is suffering. Who the hell wants to watch 4 hour Sportscenters? Thats worse than 4 hours of Paul Finebaum! ( Their network also)
Mark Hurst Instead getting back to what they did best, they allowed liberal social issues to influence their programming and made horrendous contract decisions like Monday Night Football, the NBA which no one is watching and the dumpster fire that is the Longhorn Network
Alex Raya Was anyone watching Sportscenter late last night on the West Coast and ended up seeing a band? What MTV crap are they pulling, it is becoming ridiculous.
Gerald Corless You butt hurt conservatives would be entertaining to listen to if it wasn't so disturbing with a hateful group of people you turds are
Linton Bubba West They decided to lean left now they get the right cross!
Hector Saldivar That's what happens when you appease your ceo instead of your audience.
Joel Allison Maybe Clay can finally get that job at ESPN with the layoffs.
Linda Castellano Sports announcers got into too many politics, people didn't want to hear it.
Jason Mincey ESPN has been awful for a couple decades nearly, people just didn't have another option, which they now do.
Dan Catalano Can't be happier! Take your communist agenda and slither down the toilet on your way down.
Jonathan Patrick Mohan Clay, give it a rest. We get it. You work for Fox, ESPN rival... stop phishing for stories.
Mike Ireland Too liberal and worried about color sex and politically correct. Hire the right people based on talent
Jerry Rivas Excited about this, hopefully they fill the time by playing replays of old games
Michael Watson That Monday Night Football contract is the dumbest one in all of sports.
Garry Phillips And by confiscating every major sport and making it pay for view, I have lost passion for these ...
Ken Wanlass People don't want politics with their sports. Especially far left politics from Millionaire Athletes who are as dumb as a Hollywood Celebrity.
Clayton Ramsey Good network is garbage and that's what happens when you push a LIBERAL agenda !
Greg Liebig Do they realize how much cheaper it would be to make fans into sideline reporters? Heck, I'd do it for free!!
Steve Corley Sports analysts!! 😂😂 Those that can, do!! Those that can't, become analysts
Clay Travis
Clay Travis2 days ago

Clay's anonymous mailbag is guaranteed to entertain you:

Jeff McCartney Lmao, just the tip, you're gonna start a riot
Sawyer Byers the more you wear shorts , the better your life is
Brad Ledford Referring to yourself in third person now, eh?
Spencer T Scroggins Justin Durham Michael Robert