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Clay Travis
Clay Travis5 hours ago

Disney World day six. Pray for dad.

David Krogh you'll get no sympathy from me when you're wearing that Michigan t-shirt... go big red #Huskers
Cynthia Iannetta These are the best days! Enjoy every minute. Before you know it they won't want to hang out with you.
Chris Camp Love the shirt! Go Blue!
Ray Parker Most tiring vacation I ever took with the kids. I couldn't wait to get home and back to work for the rest.
Eric Seay Is there a strategy behind dressing all three kids the same?
Carolyn Jean Your little one must be by the milkman,lol! He is beautiful.
Heather Krish At least you are wearing the right shirt 😉
Lee Williams Thank god they look like their mom
Gary Kent Go Blue!
Dan Brown So apparently the UPS man was blonde? 😜
Jason William Muhme GO BLUE!!!
Kyle Rippy #DBAP💪🏻
Jonathan Bradburn Ya'll look like you're having fun!
Bree Holton Briggs Hang in there Clay!!
Clay Travis
Clay Travis19 hours ago

No mercy in the Travis family bowling dojo. #dbap

Larry Villanueva
Clay Waliski I hope you didn't use bumpers for your little ones #DBAP
Bart Daughdrill Daddy Domination
Donnie Pell Sweep the leg!
Mark Porada The open in the third frame after a strike killed you
Daniel Planck Bumpers.
Nick Brakefield Anna Yeager Brakefield
Clay Travis
Clay Travis was live.23 hours ago

Ole Miss football destroyed by NCAA. Live analysis and reaction.

Outkick The Coverage Clay interrupted his vacation for this. Share the show in appreciation.
Brandon Pilcher At what point would Ole Miss just fire freeze to avoid heavier sanctions? Will they allow recruits to go to another school?
John Coffman What's the number one indicator that someone might be cheating at Roulette? They are winning at Roulette. When Ole Miss gets five star recruits, you have to investigate it.
Carla Marie Newgard As an Ole Miss alumni, I am proud of being a Rebel. Look at all of our NFL alumni. Somebody just needs to slap the boosters. That starts with Archie Manning putting the foot down.
Scott Schaake Go to any major program and you are going to find ncaa violations and if you think you won't, your fooling yourselves. That makes all programs needing sanctions.
Edward D. Parker They make tens of millions of $ for the school, but only get 'paid' education and healthcare for one year. REALLY? Doesn't seem right to me.
Jason Bell Edward I was an athlete and no they shouldn't be paid what about that don't you understand I know you think they should because the sec pays them. But it's wrong and illegal
Jeff Inman What is the worst outcome that you see coming of this? Let's compare this to other programs this has happened to...And also Freeze fired within the next 24 hours?
Skip Lewis With all the Bama studs driving new Dodges, they will be next .........
BJ Baker Which Ole Miss coach that was recently fired was coach A in the statement?
Jeremy Logan If Bruce Pearl got 3 years show cause for a BBQ, Freeze should get 5
Paul Eichwurtzle Gabe Williams...just spit balling this one, but 27-24, either way. Bama D will not be at midseason pace on day 1. FSU D will not either. Tip the hat to FSU QB, OC, and kicking. Could be an OT affair. Chad Kelly was banned from the NFL Combine.
Will Sample Early speculation says its Leo Lewis who went to MSU, who took up to $15K from OM before signing to play in Starkville.
Paul Eichwurtzle Gabe Williams, nothing will happen to UAT as long as $aban and NCAA President, Mark Emmerit remain buddies.
R Leland Bilbro Do you believe Hugh? Think he really didn't know all this was happening?
Will Sample I wonder what the final price of a Peach Bowl ring will be...
Will Sample What does this mean for the ability of Dan Mullen to have another peak season at MSU?
Paul Eichwurtzle Carla Newgard, much like Pat Dye at AU, Archie needs to get out of the habit of trying to run the football program.
Paul Eichwurtzle Hmm. The big Q is, will Tubberville forego running for AL Governor, IF UM asks him to come back. Ha!!
Paul Eichwurtzle The Average in the SEC was 21 violations last year. UM ONLY had 21?? That is average.
Paul Eichwurtzle Skip Lewis, not as long as $aban's buddy, Mark Emerrit is running the NCAA.
Marvin Hill Clay Travis African-American Males like me are more hated than you white guys
Skip Lewis You're right ! Everyone is cheating in some capacity !
Tim Huynh Sending some love to Jon Campbell for me when u hab time alright Clay 😊
Carson Barber These kids should no less be able to trade on there name
Clay Travis
Clay Travis2 days ago

The anonymous mailbag is guaranteed to entertain you. Go read it:

Jim Chandler I love the anonymous mailbag!!! Stop working you're supposed to be on vacation!!! Lol. Hope your family is having a great time and can't wait to hear you back on the radio Monday morning!
Ken Largent II What the heck is a gay-Muslim moderate? I don't believe there is such an animal.
Clay Travis
Clay Travis3 days ago

If you've ever taken kids to Disney World, you'll probably enjoy this:

Paul Mccann Loving this, I've stayed at the wilderness lodge when it was just me and the wife. Now ... this weekend we are taking the 5-3-1 year olds. Pray for us.
John Dayvid Cole Oh good Lord this is so spot on and awesome! I took my kids there a few years ago. Be prepared to continue to experience the gilded glove of greed of the Mouse Mafia.
Jennifer Pruitt Moore Danielle Greer after reading this all I can say is thank you lol!
Mike Carroll The week between Christmas and New Year it is not the happiest place on earth. It's the crowdedest place on earth. Trust me on this. I'm done it not once but TWICE.
Lauren Beresoff Rickoff The parks do reach capacity-they did the New Year's Eve we went to EPCOT. Love the updates! Enjoy your "vacation"!
Ansley Snow Beadle Just pointing out a typo it's the contemporary resort. Anyway love the article.
Anthony Bradley Drink lots and lots of alcohol 🍺
Brad Ferrand You picked the worst week to go. President's Day week.
Trevor Collins So Sorry, we had Florida resident passes for years
Jim Chandler Great read
Todd Frier Jill, read this.
Ben Painter Brandi Bertrand Painter Tiffany Normand Lance Normand
Michael Watson Wendy Prater
Michael Pomes Stephen Ashley Caroline Grieshaber Ashley
James Caperton Sarah Riddle Caperton
Jason Hayes Magen Hayes
Clay Travis
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Putting Draymond Green's comments about James Dolan in context. - Clay Travis Full Show:
David Krogh the SAVAGE truth.... #DBAP
Ferdinando Pontoriero Greg McGuire this is Clay Travis