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Brash sports-talk personality Jim Rome has entertained fans and clashed with interview subjects while rising to fame as a radio and television host.
SynopsisBorn on October 14, 1964, in Tarzana, California, Jim Rome emerged as a leading voice of the sports-talk radio industry in the 1990s with his brash, aggressive style. He survived a controversial incident in an early television stint on ESPN2, and became a TV mainstay with shows on Fox Sports Net, ESPN, Showtime and the CBS Sports Network Channel while retaining his longtime radio program.
Early LifeJames Phillip Rome was born on October 14, 1964, in Tarzana, California. His early love of sports was fostered by his parents, who had season tickets for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. The family often played tennis together, and Rome later recalled the thrill of watching boxing matches on Saturday nights with his father.Rome played tennis for Calabasas High School, and after graduating in 1982 he attended the University of California-Santa Barbara. His grades occasionally suffered due to the extensive time he spent as a radio-station intern, but he graduated in December 1986 with a degree in communications.
Professional CareerAfter briefly working in the family manufacturing business, Rome returned to station KTMS in Santa Barbara, where he had interned during college. He started as a traffic-update reporter, later admitting to spicing up his broadcasts with fake accident reports, before landing a sports-talk show.In December 1990 Rome joined San Diego-based XTRA, where he went from part-timer to the host of The Jim Rome Show in a prime midday slot within a year and a half. The nascent sports-talk industry was on the rise, and Rome was at the forefront with his brash opinions and blunt interviews. Referring to his show as “The Jungle,” Rome presided over a charged phone-in environment, awarded nicknames to his favorite callers and developed an insider lexicon with fans, who became known as “clones.”Rome made his foray into television as the host of Talk2 on the new ESPN2 channel in 1993, but his TV career nearly imploded after an early on-air incident with NFL quarterback Jim Everett. Questioning Everett’s manhood, Rome repeatedly referred to him as “Chris,” after women’s tennis player Chris Evert, until Everett angrily flipped over a table and pushed Rome to the ground. Many critics felt Rome went too far, but he weathered the fallout and eventually developed a reputation for fairness to go with his tough-guy persona.

Rome hosted Fox Sports Net’s The Last Word from 1997 through 2002, and after a brief hiatus from television returned to ESPN to host Rome Is Burning, later renamed Jim Rome Is Burning. All the while, he continued to host his weekly morning radio show, which was syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks in 1996.

In January 2012, Rome announced that he was leaving ESPN to join the CBS Sports Network channel. While leaving sports giant ESPN presented a risk for Rome, CBS offered the opportunity for a broader profile with both a daily show, named Rome, and the weekly Jim Rome on Showtime, which aimed to bring art, pop culture and politics into the sports discussion.

Rome also cut ties with Premiere Radio Networks and began broadcasting his longtime radio show, which had expanded to more than 200 affiliates, on the CBS Sports Radio Network in January 2013.

Jim Rome
Jim Rome24 hours ago

T.J. Oshie told Jim Caps are different because last year they thought "maybe it was going to come a little easier"

Michael Fischer Rome: Oshie Pronounced "Oh she" not "Osh eee" 😝 TJ never got into 5th gear in the playoffs which is why he's not wearing a blue note.
Jacob Johnson Used to enjoy my morning drive listening to music but now I have this sports show cutting in to my favorite station. Hey will you change from 99.3 to something else.
Mark Fishburn Come back to Fresno Jim Rome
Jim Rome
Jim Rome2 days ago

Daniel Jeremiah told Van Smack Browns would be gambling to "pass on Myles Garrett & what he already is" to take Trubisky.

Kevin Slabaugh I didn't realize Jimmy Rome was still alive. Let's be honest Collin Cowherd has all your connections and we're a knob anyway.
Scott Love You can't find Jim Rome on the radio anywhere in central Ohio, didn't even know he was still around? Van Smack? That's so 90's! That show totally jumped the shark, especially when the mma guy won the smack off, what a joke!
Duston Lash I really hope they trade back. What a terrible year to have the #1 pick. Typical Browns luck though
Jim Rome back in Portland Now Daniel Jeremiah no longer goes to Idaho to stay in a Hampton Inn. Great interview today, Jim.
Tracey Hollis Holdway Saying this as a lifelong Browns fan and lifelong Clevelander...I'm positive they will make the worst possible decision...
Nick Zarrillo Myles is easily the best player they have to take em at 1 be stupid to trade out or take someone else
Greg Beckett Van Smack gtfo here... Van Smack isn't even relevant anymore.
Mark Fishburn Come back to Fresno Jim Rome
Jim Rome
Jim Rome3 days ago

Jeff Passan told Jim John Farrell's explanation of Barnes pitch was "weak garbage," suspension should be 20 games.

Mark Schnurle Passan nailed this. Unwritten rules are ruining the game WAY more than intentional walks or visits to the mound or pitch clocks. Players can't even celebrate hits?!?! No wonder kids hate baseball, if the players can't have fun, why the hell would the fans have fun?
Lloyd Lamb Jim Rome listening to you today the warriors should sweep everyone if we need to cancel playoffs but Cavs fans we believe in King James King or Durant Curry or Irving Green or Love Thompson or Pachulia Jr or klay Deron or Livingston Iman or Igadoula Frye or West Korver or Clark Richard or javale Think about pressure if it goes to game 7 7 straight finals for who. We match them everywhere......
Kenneth Oriole proper punishment would be if the Red sox lose the DH for say 4 games and barnes has to become the DH for say the next 20 plate appearances. Sox don't get the DH position back until the punished pitcher makes his designated plate appearances. Either that or the offending team loses the dh position for the stated number of games.
David Landis He has a great point about ketchup on hot dogs. Mustard is the only way to go.
Paul Kowalski Suspending a pitcher--even a reliever--for "four games" is a crock. Double digits needs to be the starting point.
Ed Cordeiro Jr. Machado is dirty. He was involved in brawls with the Royals and Oakland.Why is he getting a pass in all of this?
Shawn S Foss Since when do you get suspended for throwing a strike?!
Dennis Hayes Someone on the Sox not named Pedroia will be wearing one thanks to Farrell's redassery.
Jacob Abraham Let the players police the game! Anyone who thinks otherwise has clearly never played the game at a high level.
Kevin Sheehy He was aiming for Machado's bat, and hit it. Strike one, stop crying.
Jake Petre Isn't "no ketchup on a hotdog" kinda an unwritten rule, Passan?
Dan Bodger 20 games LOL never ever gonna happen, lucky even 4 stuck, probably 2 on appeal...bean ball suspensions omg lmao
Zach Beardsley If Machado is so angry, why did he foul the ball off?
Joel Wallace They are all thugs.
Frank Vlasak It's amazing people still listen to this show.
Don A. Mann Jim John is one of my favorites. Great subs.
Joe Ashley 20 games please....
Andrew Bertrim Lots of hate in the East these days.
Doug Burdin Coach backs his player.....
Mark Fishburn Come back to Fresno Jim Rome
Jim Rome
Jim Rome6 days ago

Haason Reddick told Jim how he went from a walk-on at Temple to a potential first round pick next week.

Jim Rome back in Portland Now That was a great interview!! He had great family support, and a good attitude to stick with it.
Michael Fischer These guys should get paid at the end of their career!
Jesse Chavez BODY SLAM #PleaseReinstatePhoneCalls
Jim Rome
Jim Rome7 days ago

Eric Thames told Jim what it was like being nicknamed "God" in Korea & about how one enthusiastic fan went too far.

Matt Eckerle GREAT interview. Have to admit, I was not a huge fan of that guy because he just came to Cincy and hit homer after homer against the Reds...but after hearing him today...big fan.
EJ Green Outstanding interview. He seems like a humble and down to earth guy. Hope that it continues to go well for him.
Travis Brown Dudes a beast. Go Brewers!
Butch Frederick Here is 9 comments. Haha
Glenn BIG DOG Robinson The roids. Duh. Its obvious.
Lawrence Melendez Blasphemy
Brandon Moody Gotta find those meat stores. 😂
Mark Fishburn Come back to Fresno Jim Rome
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