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FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Details from the funeral of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

If the 2016 election candidates were sports personalities:

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Is there a pending Steph Curry free agency decision coming?

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Here are 5 'Stranger Things' that may happen in the NFL:

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

'Dak will NEVER be as good as Tony Romo.'

Steele Colston Yeah 'cause Tony has so many MVPs, conference championships, playoff wins and rings. Oh wait.. No, he doesn't. Why is it such a far fetched idea that Dak couldn't be better?
Tom Pnoid So if he wins 2 playoff games n don't cough the ball up?
Manny King Dez Jr. stfu! he doesnt have to be. Why compare them, you stupid F
Scott Lewis Who takes Colin seriously ? Trying to be Rush Limpballs of sports...
Isaias Gonzalez That's not setting the bar real high is it?
Stephen Hamilton Diamond Glad he won't be average
FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Eric Mangini explains how he ratted out Bill Belichick on Spygate:

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

The American Messi-to-be? Possible, but let's not jinx it.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

According to Danny Willett's brother, Americans are:

"pudgy, basement-dwelling irritants, stuffed on cookie dough and pissy beer, pausing between mouthfuls of hotdog so they can scream 'Baba booey' until their jelly faces turn red."

It gets worse:

Andy McIntosh So, basically, he's gravy-training on his brother's fame to try make himself sound like he has something insightful to say. Sorry, bro. Not gonna work.
Kathy Downes Shoreman Disgusting. How much money did his drama teacher brother just cost him in endorsements? I golf a lot - will never spend a penny on any Willett-endorsed product.
Jeremy Falk Does he mean the fat Americans who just whooped every other countries asses in the Olympics?
Dave Land Bababoey!!!!! Hit em with the Hein !!!!!!! ( that's the new one you will hear this week )
Steven White Coming from a guy that is riding his brothers coat tail...not worth our time to get aggravated by a nobody.
Tim Phillips WTH is Danny Willett's brother ?
Eric Janik Who?
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

The last time we played the Bengals on Thursday Night.... #WakeOff

Al Lopez Ladies and gentlemen, its game day and I'm so excited!! By the way,do you have all the essentials you need to fully enjoy the game tonight? I do. You will need, one large bottle of vodka, one bottle of high strength aspirin, and of course don't forget, one bottle of pepto to counteract the effects of all the alcohol you will consume in a feeble attempt to numb out the pain of watching the Miami Dolphins.......
Ross Dorman I was there. One of the greatest games I've ever been to ! PHINS UP !!!
Bryson Warren I say forget about the past, this is a completely new year... Let's focus on the current state of the Dolphins and go from there! #Phins 🐬🏈
Caleb Swisher I was in a house of Bengals fans and I went nuts after this play!!
Kevin Young I'll never forget Wake winning the game with that safety on Halloween in OT.
Morgan Smith That may be about the only way we score some points. Prove me wrong
Rami A Al Ikhwan I am very excited to see the real Miami Dolphins . Today is the time . Phins 28 / cincy 26
Leah Turner I was there for that game!!! So much fun! I can't wait
Kade Alex I was very excited but actually thought it shouldn't have been called a safety.
Glenda Dorsey Yippee, I finally get to see 'em play without paying for Sunday Ticket!
Edward Brummett Keith Walker take that to the bank and say we won't win pfffff GO PHINS!!!
Mathieu Faucher Nicolas Gagné, tu vois, c'est pour ça que tu peux pas y aller contre le roux, you know !
Patrick Walker Cara Alicia Leto last game against them on TNF, hopefully it goes the same way 😬
Gonz Flores Still reminds that game where those cats were dirty and one Kitty held the face mask of a dolphin and Brian Cox got angry.
Kevin Laymon Can Miami cover the short to intermediate pass?
Nikki Sibbell WOW Patriots just confirmed to ESPN... Brady retiring now.. 🙁 interview here #brady2609
Michael McDonald Was that the same year we missed the playoffs? 😂😂😂
Art Hudnall Daulton to green all night long
Tina Tarvin Go get em phins!!!
Todd Devon S i forget--did we make the playoff that year?
Alan Osborne Let's do it again! Phins up!
Matt Smith Time to step up, let's go Phins 🐬🐬
Barbara L. LeMaster Safety dance!
Justin Y Diana Hodges PHINS UP! We WILL win this game!
Sammy Collins Go Dolphins. Please win tonight
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Cup of Joe.

Joe Rose gets you ready for kickoff from the team hotel in Cincinnati

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins feeling pumped.September 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm



Corey Barrs I need more time. Still haven't recovered from the frustration of Sunday's game yet. I'm having a good week, and I know Tannehill is going piss me off tonight.
Arthur Conrad A banged up front line against a team that is 4th in holding opposing QBs to the lowest percentage of completions. The Bengals are also stingy giving up yards on the ground while the Fins give up the 3rd most yards on the ground. It won't be a pretty game by either team.
Debra Mason-King I'm a Dolphins fan and my husband is a Bengals! I wish I could feel we have a chance tonight, but I'm not going to hold my breath!
Gennaro Guardascione If we only lose by 14 I'll be happy ! This organization should be embarrassed cause I'm embarrassed being a dolphin fan ....
Lauri Barnes Been a 🐬 fan since early 70s and I wish I can turn back time to when they were great but until then I'll just keep hoping for miracles....❤🐬🏈
Mitzi Hitt stand up for your Americans ...all of your fans love you..but stop being disrespectful to our flag...Alll of us need to stand together for our USA...
Seth Frank I am struggling as to whether to have my colonoscopy tonight or watch the game....
Sean Olson What's up with all the dolphins haters on this site if you don't like them hit the road rock and roll tonight. It's time to set the tone go dolphins
Wesley Bainter Yall need to win this game, teams dont come back from 0-4 we can do it guys! I'll be watching !!
Mark G. O'Reilly Go Dolphins, time to even up the record. Play Mistake free, and Disciplined football You Win!!!
Keith Junior Yes, ALL of this, but against the Bengals...and in Orange.
Robert Jarvis We can win this game if we play smart and the offense keeps the ball more then have been and of course scores touchdowens.
Kevin Laymon Need to stop giving tight ends free releases if they pretend to block. Need to chip defenders on the way off the line. Need to play more press coverage. For God's sake stop with all the mistakes!!!!
Renan Terrero We need the whole Offensive line to come together on this one. We need everyone to do their job right!
Zack Whitby Please show up tonight and mash dem Bengals!!! We need Tannehill to be on point and we good
Jimmy Paulk I will No Longer be a Dolphin Fan if they - Team Members don't support our Nation by Honoring our Nation's Flag.
Bobby Haines 2-2 after tonight. With the new bright uniforms Tannehille can actually see the receivers outs their.
San Dee Wish I could see the game, don't have NFL network 🙁
Vanessa Real Tannehill needs to make us proud!!!!!I'm sick of watching his lame 3 and outs!!!!Lets Go Phins!!
Patrick Carr You all need to step it up and go play like I know you guys can go do your job
Kamran Shahhosseini tonight the Bengals will have Dolphins for dinner. sea food time.
TobyronHollywood Haynes ? How is it that jakeem grant is not ready for two yard slips screens an bubble screen to get 10 plus yards off the top bad coaching to me
Kenneth Juray Lets go win or lose everyone knows this not going to fixed in 1 year we want a good team for years not a 1 shot wonder
Caroline LongSilva It's Dolphins time, speak only in the positive. They're going to win. Definitely
Sonny Verderosa Tonight Defense, will win this game! I promise Everyone
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

It's your GAMEDAY edition of the #DolphinsDaily

Arthur Conrad A banged up front line against a team that is 4th in holding opposing QBs to the lowest percentage of completions. The Bengals are also stingy giving up yards on the ground while the Fins give up the 3rd most yards on the ground. It won't be a pretty game by either team.
Ryan Cuevvas I'm in West Virginia and don't have NFL Network, I want to watch the Phins!!!
Sonny Verderosa Maxwell you SUCK
Thomas Aluise On our way Let's Go Phins we doing it LIVE...
Richard Hawks Love the Orange uniforms.
Jonathan Todd 2-2 tonight!!!! Landry to score winning TD
Albert Hines Let's get it done!
Mark Hillock 2-2 tonight!!! Phins Up Let's Go Dolphins!!!
Carol Brunacio #iPhone7eMetropolitana
Carol Brunacio #iPhone7eMetropolitana
Jorge Castillo #xelacollective
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

This is Hard Rock Stadium. This is our home.

Ray Bennett Had a great time, The stadium is awesome, the people working were nice and very helpful Great job Hard Rock stadium and workers I will be back..
Stefan Umbauer Jasmin Heinz, schauts amoi wie cool, mit dach und so 😀
John Wood Hey Look, It's Joe Robbie Stadium !
Bill Baker TSFKAJRS! The Stadium Forever Known As Joe Robbie Stadium!
Heather Allman Good luck tonight!!! ❤️🐬🏈❤️
Steve Strobeck Home to the CANES! SCREW THE DOLPHINS
Samuel Ennis Stand up. Go Fins!
Sonny Verderosa Maxwell you SUCK
Anthony Mariano Pasquale Trunzo
Anthony Mariano Stefano Mazzarello
Jamison Kooi
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

One last visit to the mound. #JDF16

Teresita Esther Newman Saddest week ever. Class act Marlins you are special In our hearts. It's not goodbye to Jose it's we will see you again one day. Keep an eye on us and help not only his family, players and the community heal everyone that admire you. RIP Joseito 😢❤💪
Darisha T Hicks-Scott @miamimarlins rename the field Jose Fernandez field at Marlins Park
Monster Bracamonte I am using my 12 yr old son's Facebook to share this letter he wrote to Jose Fernandez's grandmother and mother. They played a baseball tournament this weekend and he woke to the news of Jose's passing. He was very sad all day and dedicated his play to Jose. He played 3 games that day and his team won the tournament. When he received his Championship ring, that's when he cried. He went home and wrote this letter. We mailed it along with his ring to Jose's family. Just thought I would share it with the fans. He didn't want anyone to know what he had done but I thought Marlin fans would like it
Sarah Markovitz Brown RIP Jose Fernandez. You will always be a Marlin and will never be forgotten. You were truly a special person. Forever in our hearts #16JDF ❤
Aleja Amaya This is so sad to watch😣 this young guy was to judge by videos, a loving human being, who really love his mother and grandma and of course he meant a LOT to both of them. Fortaleza para esas dos mujeres, solo Dios sabe el dolor tan grande por el que están pasando en estos momentos. Joseito QEPD❤
Lenore Sossei My nephew works for the Marlins and what a week it has been, Marlins sure are a special bunch of guys. Today will be as difficult as Sunday was, stay strong boys with your last goodbyes today he was a special person to all that knew him. RIP Jose' from a NY met fan u were one of a kind!
Holddatracing N Mich Yes i agree they should name the field Jose Fernandez Field at Marlins Park ... Miami Marlins you have made me a fan again ... you guys are awesome , remember to always play like Jose , for the love of the game , not for the money #16forever
Los Suarez Lo vamos a extrañar no hay duda de eso pero hay q seguir y honrar su memoria con alegria y amor es normal lo q todos sentimos ahora siempre vamos a poyar a nuestro equipo go marlins
Millie Segarra I feel so sad and heartbroken. Such a beautiful soul with a golden future and taken away too soon. I sometimes wonder, why kids like this have to die ...
Darlene Shouse RIP pitched for the marlins on earth, but now you're pitching for the angels...prayers for your family and friends, the entire miami marlins organization, and for everybody that your bright light shined on
Mike Bunner Tough week to be a Marlins player and fan. This loss reminds me of when the Flyers' goalie, Pelle Limberg, died in a car accident when he was still young and growing as a player and a person.
Iliana Yzaguirre Descansa en la eternidad y siempre en nuestro corazon, te extrañaremos,Joseito. Que dolor saber q ya no estas, Dios te tenga en su Gloria. Descansa en paz, Marlins BABY.
Mark Bender Saddest week ever I have ever seen. Class Act Marlins you are special In all of our hearts. RIP Jose Fernandez you well be missed but never never forgotten
William Kent Mets fan here much respect to the Marlins. Jose's passing left a big void in baseball and in the community rip to a great one #JDF16
John Malley Jr. Saddest Ending in Sports History, that night wasn't about winning it be nice but that night was a tough one to overcome the fact they lost a Young Brother and showing Respect to Honor Him is what counts the most. One Last Visit that's what the night was all about they Played for You. Rest Easy Ball Player Forever #16
Elizabeth Debs Cabrera Thank you Marlins Organization for everything you did, we will never forget.
Debbie Teta Eckert This was about a group of caring men. It was so awesome. Plus sad too.
Janet Achin Praying for this entire team and families. Our family is still in shock as you all are and do not understand the why.
Jan Ivar Øien Im a proud fan from Norway i have always loved Marlins and will always do God bless to you all.
James Martinez Was there last night 😢
Bernie Dikowitz "Take me out to the ballgame",that tune will never be the same
Sally Roderick what a beautiful tribute the Marlins gave Jose RIP young man
Jack Pasquella We were there for the last Home Game. Very sad! But they remained focused and played well...
Randel Hernández Se hizo querer por su pueblo y sus compañeros y eso merece respeto, ese es el respeto de todos quienes lo conocieron #jdf16
Robert Lasdon Next year Marlins...make the playoffs in honor of 16!!!
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

One final goodbye.


David Triana Today wasn't about the score at all. Today, the world got to see, once again, what José meant to us. So glad I was at the game tonight. Que descanses en paz, niño. #JDF16FOREVER
Angie Rusch Whoever takes care of the Marlins social media, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your team with all of us from all over. We have all shared in your enormous grief and pain these past few days and we will all be praying for your broken hearts and Jose's family. It's more than a game... 😢💔 Arizona~
Shelly Pinsky Greene Thanks for a great season and so much heart and grace in the face of unspeakably tragedy. Looking forward to seeing you all back on the field in 2017!! Go fish!!
Yolanda Bracamonte What a sad tragic event. My young nephew Roman, had a championship game on Saturday, the same day Jose sadly lost his life. His teammates dedicated their win in memory of Jose Fernandez. Jose was one of my nephews idols. What makes me so very proud of my nephew is he mailing a letter of condolence and his championship ring to Jose's Grandmother and Mother. Acts of kindness are supposed to be discreet but I'm so proud of his loving caring heart that I had to share. RIP Jose Fernandez.
Brandon Bran B Black Feel honored I got to watch Jose pitch live when I took my wife to the Marlins game... it's very sad that he left this earth so young but 1 thing I do know is that he ENJOYED LIFE while he was here I do know hat he lived everyday like it was his last,always smiling appreciating life....listen people you truly never know when god will call you home so please live every day like it's your last,try not to let anything stress you,just think about the fact that you are still breathing & it's not that bad,APPRECIATE only live one of my favorite movies a wise man said "every man dies but not every man really lives" before Jose died he definitely LIVED! make sure you also LIVE! #RipJF16 #ripjosefernandez
Nico Sayavedra I still can't stop grieving and crying like a baby. I feel so adrift and this is extremely painful. Yet, I can't stop thanking my team for this amazing series. If I had one wish come true, it would be to be able to hug all our players and coaches, and especially Jose's mom and abuela. I've never felt this pain in my life. But I'm extremely proud of how we have handled the darkest week in Marlins history. I can't wait for next season. I hope we play with a lot of passion and joy forever, to honor Jose! I love you Jose. I love you Miami Marlins!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Yvette Pitts Yes today is our final goodbye at the Marlins ball park to José but for Josés family, team mates and friends tomorrow is their final goodbye and this will be one of the hardest things for a person to experience so my prayers goes out to all may God bless all of you
Lynn Gorgans Never say goodbye for goodbyes are forever, say until we meet again my friend. God bless everyone. Sadess I've seen so far except that night i lost my 21 yr old son to a drunk driver. I know the pain all to well. # Fernandez family strong
Derek Wagner In a way, it brought people together. Not just marlin fans, but fans of the red soxs to the dodgers. From the rangers to the brewers and everyone in between. We were all affected by it, he meant a lot to so many people. To the Cuban community, to the city of Miami, to the Marlins organization and to some like me who felt the emotions as if we lost a family member of our own. Coming from a Phillie fan, the Marlins with always have a special place in my heart. It's been a rough couple days, I felt it with you guys. But together we'll get through it, it'll be hard for awhile but the best thing is keeping the memories alive. José will forever be in our hearts!! 😢
Kevin Michael Johnson Mets baseball is all I know. Having said that. God bless JF, his family, the Marlins organization, and their fanbase. #BiggerThanBaseball #MetsFansWithMiami
Jenny Gaytan You were one the best player nd hearing your story nd bout your grandma alots of tears. But now that you are up in heaven nd cheering up there for your teammates they are making you proud. You were gone so soon now your little baby girl will not have a father there will lots of stories bout you nd everything. 1️⃣6️⃣⚾️⚾️😢🙏🏼😔💔
P.D. Wakefield Man. I'm from Connecticut, and without a doubt Jose Fernandez was my favorite pitcher this year. His outstandingly good pitching stats are only compliments of his determination and love of the game. He will be missed so much, by all baseball fans.
Odalys Herrera RIP Jose Fernandez your smile ,charisma ,love for kid's. Miami loves you. You'll never be forgotten 16⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾ Miami Marlins❤
Danielle Locke As a Mets fan, I am just heartbroken over this....I can't stop thinking about him and crying. My heart goes out to everyone. I hope the Marlins have a great season next year and can win it for Jose <3
Robb Dukes stop Really watching Marlins Game when The Team Sold almost all The Good Players Back in the day But after What Happened to Jose And The way the Marlins Team Handled It I Will Start Showing More Support for Them .1st Class What They Did,
Sondra Ziegfeld McCarty Great season......great team. Thank you Marlins organization, both players and front office for including we the fans and allowing us to grieve with you. We shall be forever grateful. Love and prayers to all.
Scott Howard I'm a mets fan.. this was one of the hardest series to watch. I was heartbroken. It went beyond baseball. And I truly wish Miami Marlins, and their fans the best of luck with what ever the future holds. #16 will be missed by everyone. I have nothing but respect for your organization.
Raymond Torres I really wished we had one this last one, but it's not that important. Remembering a great player, a great pitcher, a great human being!
Erik Arashikage Long time Yankee and Don Mattingly fan here from NYC. Very hurt. I will be buying a Jose Fernandez shirt or jersey when I can to honor him.
Dylan Boss Henson This is no Good Bye. The Marlins carry 16 with them everywhere they go from this point forward. This is until We See You Again
Kevin Gonzalez So long Jose #longlivetheK1N6
Tiffany Heigl Its never a good bye it's always see you later and we will see Jose Fernandez again one day. R.I.P Jose Fernandez. #loveyou #JDF16 #miss #yoursmile #fan1 😢😞💔👼👆☝
Rodolfo Gomez Jose fernandez nunca los abandonara siempre estara viendo por ustedes y dandole fuersas y apoyo, DESCANSA EN PAZ #16 TE EXTRAÑAREMOS PERO EN NUESTROS CORAZONES ESTARAS.
Arena Fernandez Yo no paro de llorar, k tristesa tan grande, k Dios le de fuerza a su familia, RIP Joseito #16.
Connie Goodman-Milone Blessings always to the Marlins. Rest in Paradise, Jose. #JDF16Forever
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm



Jen Bogusevic This team has handled this tragedy in the best way I could have ever imagined. I can't even imagine what the team is feeling...but all of baseball has pulled together during this hard time. #jdf16
Judi Eggleston You guys handled yourselves with such grace. I'm glad you weren't afraid to show your emotions. It's part of the healing process. Just 3 more games than you all deserve a nice rest. Us fans feel drained after this week. I can't even imagine how emotionally and physically tired you are.❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Susan C. Peterson-Russo Always...this team is just amazing! God bless you. We are with you. Stay strong! You will get through this... your lives won't ever be the same but you will find joy again. Jose wouldn't have it any other way...
Mariela Duncan I've always been proud of our players but never more than this past week. These are real men who are not afraid to show how much they value the bonds they share with each other. Jose taught us a lot about how to play the game, these men taught us how to honor and respect each other.
Gloria Collie I feel like I lost a family member.So sad.Marlins you are beautiful!! I admire all of you. I know you did your best.God bless each of you and Jose's family.
Leonor G. Fonseca Marlins family!! A brotherhood truly special!! Stay strong guys!
Tonya Jobe Sending thoughts, love & prayers from Walt Disney! This car was not in operation today at Disney. # 16 Fly High
Ben Kellogg Gained a lot of respect for my team. After 13 years for me, it finally feels good to be proud of them, honestly
Luisito Abel Ustedes son grandes amigos del " niño Fernández " y es así como el quiere ver a sus amigos. QEPD JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ 🇨🇺⚾️🙏🏾
Yulie Rodriguez R.I.P #16 nunca te olvidaremos campeón🇨🇺🇺🇸
Hernan Gonzalez Bring back Ichiro please !!
Kali Ortega yes, they've done a great job, and the fans are the best.
Karen Lopez God Bless!
Eileen Isabella-Evans
Caridad Rodriguez
Caridad Rodriguez
Beverly Tauber Staying together during a difficult time what a team
Martica Gonzalez
Sue Freedman Our condolences. He will be missed
Maria Elena Fuentes We love you Marlins. JDF16 forever in our hearts.
Lizzie Torres Such grace and class 😞😞😞😞 #jdf16
Sandy Barclay Riley ⚾️😪 hopefully they will all be together next year...
Juan Quintero
Luisa Berroteran
Rhonda Chriss Senn Classy!
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsSeptember 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Now, more than ever, we thank you. ❤️


Yudhy Hernandez You are ALL a classy and phenomenal team! Proud to be a Miami don't need a ring or world series....YOU guys are winners already! GOD bless you always!
Jan Ivar Øien Even i live in Norway im a proud fan of the Marlins i just love this club God bless the whole club and to all my fellow fan's ☺.
Michael Reis Mets Fan Here - so sorry to the family, friends and fans of Mr. Fernandez. Dee Gordon's opening at bat was one of the most amazing sports moments I have ever seen. The Marlins players tribute was amazing. RIP#16 - class act!
Jacqueline Pimienta I have said it before, I will say it again, God bless the Fernandez family and the Marlins team family. Descansa en paz, Jose Fernandez, # 16, para siempre, forever. Thank you to ALL of the baseball teams who gave their condolences and paid their respects to our Marlins. You have shown your sportsmanship, starting with the NY Mets. I am sure I speak for many when I say, it is greatly appreciated. By his death, Jose has brought so many together and it has shown that this is who AMERICA IS, together, in the good times, but ESPECIALLY in the rough times. <><
Omar Cruz As a Mets fan, it just does not feel real that José Fernández is gone. The team played with a lot of heart and emotion these three games. It is hard to describe in words what I would love to say that hasn't already been said. The only thing I can say is finish strong and sweep the Nationals this weekend. Continue to play hard with heart, joy, and fire. I can only imagine JDF wants it that way. See you in 2017!
Jason Horak no we thank you. the way you guys represented jose the way you guys handled yourselves. the way everyone from all over loves this guy and now loves the fish is amazing we say thank u. and most of all thank you for drafting jose fernandez miami needed him more than he needed us
Kevin Smith I will always have a place in my heart for this team and their beautiful, caring, and passion filled fans. I'll be sure to call myself one too if that's okay.
Jorge Enrique Omaña Tal vez José Fernández nunca tuvo conciencia en vida, del profundo y fraterno amor que muchas personas sentían hacía él. A pesar de su corta edad, su carisma y humildad como persona y profesional lo hizo impactar para bien la vida de muchas personas que tuvieron la dicha de conocerlo en vida, en su ciudad, y alrededor del mundo. DIOS le conceda la paz que su alma merece, y que fortalezca a sus familiares, amigos y a todos los que amamos este maravilloso deporte.
Jamie Guzman Sending lots of love from DC to the Marlins organization, players, staff, fans, and of course to Jose, his friends, and their families and loved ones. We morn with you. <3 RIP JDF16. Your time was short, but you created a remarkable impact and left behind a legacy.
Adam Waldeck I'm a die hard Reds fan but after the way the Marlins have handled themselves the past couple days I'm proud to also root for the Marlins, And God Bless you guys and RIP JOSE
Virginia Montgoris Mets fan - I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Miami Marlins. Getting through these games against the Mets was probably the hardest thing these young men have ever had to do. Watching those guys on Monday take the field with tears streaming down their faces was heartbreaking. But your tributes were so classy and from the heart. The way you circled the mound at the end of the game left not a dry eye in my house. Stay strong for each other. Rest In Peace Jose Fernandez - only the good die young.
Jason Blenner Mets win tonight but it's the Miami Marlins who are the ones who are really the ones who accomplished so much in the worst 3 days in franchise history...And having this tragedy occur with the Mets coming to town in my opinion that no other club in the league was built to help during this tragedy like the Mets...If there is any fan left who thinks that the Wilpons are bad owners they most certainly are the last ones left...I have said some harsh things about them ...I want to sincerely apologize to The Wilpons .....They are a class act that helped a team and a city begin the healing process after the loss of José Fernandez.....Watching Terry Collins embrace the Marlins president David Sampson left a tear in every eye in Mets Nation....
Shawn Brown Just wanted to send love and prayers from Mets nation. We are rivals during the game but all part of the baseball family. He was loved by all and his memory will never be forgotten!!! My thoughts go out to his family, teammates, friends, and all of Fish nation! #RIP16
Farid Salas ! Gracias a la organizacion de los MARLINS,yo como latino no Cubano les agradesco con el CORAZON, por todo el soporte a la familia de Jose, I a toda la fanaticada se ganaron un fanatico mas , I que la proxima temporada tengamos un equipo ganador I ganar la serie mundial en honor a Joseito , nunca lo olvidare mis respeto!
Rey Laura Fierro Thank you for giving the kid a chance at americas game. Giving us a chance to get to know who he is and what he is about. I've been a fan since inaugural year and I've never seen such an amazing all around guy with such a passion for the game. Gone way too soon, but he has given us fans so much of himself. Thanks Marlins fans and organization for coming together in showing that no matter where we all are in the world, we're all family.
Antonio J Monasterios S We came up short, it was a season with ups and downs, but nevertheless a fun season, no doubt that with a few moves (pitching) they'll be back stronger and better next season, thank you Marlins and I'll see you in 2017
Cesia Arley I love my team u are the best believed in yourself we still have time. Cmon we could do these all your fans love you. If u want to win we just three game to go to the playoffs. Cmon we never forget of Jose Fernandez he was a leader of many little kids, but he ll be in our hearts like each and everyone of the players that we have now n managers did a good job with the boys God bless u all n goodnite
Ody Garcia I have been a fan for many years and always will be. Your such a classy organization. My heart hurts for you all. God bless you all and RIP #16, Jose Fernandez, you will always be loved and remembered 🙁
Jill Wenig Guadagna Love you guys! My heart is breaking right along with you and for you all! After all you have been through these last few days....get the break and rest that you all so deserve! Come back in the Spring and play and win for Jose!
Lynn Bartels Beam What an extraordinary tribute I've said this on another post but whoever came up with the idea of everyone wearing 16 praying in a circle putting their hats in the middle it was just a life-changing tribute
Tania Figueroa This has been the toughest season since the Marlins team was inaugurated; We must however continue to support our team with our heads held high, and cheer for those who must take the field with heavy hearts; these last two home games were tough, though they forged ahead just as Jose would have wanted them to... Thank you Fish for an incredible season! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you, on and off the field... #GoFish 🙏🏻❤️⚾️💫
Betty Pedraza It has been a rough year for the team but we persevered. Then we had the tragic loss of Jose 😪 I want to thank the Marlins for being there for the players and the community at the time of need. Jose, RIP - we will miss the joy you brought to all and your generous heart. Hope the team stays intact for 2017 so we can prove to all we are indeed a winning organization.
Jenny Seema Urdaneta You will always and forever be in our hearts.Im so proud that you touch so many lives. .Rest in Peace love..
Heidi Shoshana Thank you. Thank you for showing the world the Miami way. The way we love and grieve. Thank you for showing boys everywhere that there is crying in baseball. ⚾️☀️❤️
Omar Velez How about YOU JEFFREY LORIA. Why don't you just do the city of Miami, the fans/taxpayers do them a favor and sell the team to someone who has roots within the community. You trying to play nice and saying number 16 will never be worn again is nice but is to be expected by everyone.
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins was live.September 29th, 2016 at 2:35pm

Thank you, #FishFamily!

See you at Marlins Park in 2017.

Carmen Molina You are ALL a classy and phenomenal team! Proud to be a Miami don't need a ring or world series....YOU guys are winners already! GOD bless you always! #RIPJDF16
Alex Bertot Matingly you did the best with what you had through adversity and injuries and now Fernandez death you did well coach. #JDF16
Mila Tati Thank you to his family for allowing us to pay our respects at St Brendan's. A big thank you to the cops for a very well organized and safe event.
Raymond Torres It's been a rough, heart breaking season, but I'm looking forward to what the Marlins will do next year. I have a good feeling next year is going to be epic! I'll be wearing #16 for a while!
Robert Liebman From a Met fan, My heart hurts for everyone at the Marlins for the irreplaceable loss and to Jose Fernandez and his family. God Bless all! You are a special classy team that will bonded by Jose forever. 🙏🏼
Tyson Wilhelm Much love to the @marlins and thank you for keeping us fans a part of the #fishfamily, all of our hearts hurt because of this tragedy but this is where all the healing happens! #JDF16
Bryan Kincaid Keep 16 painted on the mound forever. And PLEASE retire his number.
Timothy Shoaf Thanks to all the fans who came out to support the Marlins in this difficult time. Watched the game on TV and wished I could have been there. #16 Forever!!
Jeniese Girola Never been prouder of this team than this moment right now. Been a lifelong fan win or lose. Marlins have always and will always be my team. #jdf16 #marlins
AS Stringer You guys were great and I'm sure Jose is smiling down on his teammates and brothers love you guys and God Bless all of you see you all next year😄😄⚾️⚾️
Leonor G. Fonseca Truly a terrible season for losing Jose Fernandez! But thank you my fish, you guys are the best. I hope to see you all back in 2017!!!! God bless you guys!! Please stay safe!!!
Nayled Valdes See u next year love u all of you .. those days your are demonstrate the integrity as a team your are .. we will miss u Fernandez but you team really love u boy!!! Great team
Sharon Colquhoun Thank you Miami Marlins for a fun season but most of all for your sense of devotion & family to each other and to your fans ❤️⚾️😇 you surely are a class act! All of you!
Salome Rodriguez Thank you for the season, your class, you're different personalities so machine into one big family. Keep loving each other keep holding each other up.
Lucio Lopez Thank you for a sensational season and for being so human,we will misse jose but for sure we know he lives inside all of you guys
Lorenzo Tellez Un grande equipo como ustedes merece el cariño de todos. Yo se que alguien desde el cielo estará siempre junto a sus hermanos.RIP JOSÉ GOĎ BLESS .
Sonia Suero de Benavides Thank you for this season! Love you guys! Lets go Marlins!!! ❤️
Dore Garcia- Pedraza Thank you marlins!! may you all fine the strength to move on see next year .. Jose will be with you all 16 forever RIP Jose !!!
Trisha Herrera I'm from South Texas and the Marlins are my favorite team. In large part because of Jose...but after watching game clips, I grew to love the other players as well...
David Weston I'm very proud of this franchise. I hope the rest of this state and region finally step up and give them the support they deserve.
Juan Gu No playoffs but root for the Mets. They acted so classy to the Marlins
Karla Buitrago de Bendana Let go 🐟 fish!!!✨ Miami loves you guys. let go Marlins⚾💗🌴☀🙏God Bless You today and ever...The 🌎 world is going to remember "Jose Fernandez#16 "RIP⚾💗🌹⚾💗🌹⚾💗🌹⚾💗🙏
Jack Pasquella Camera spans left over the corner of the dugout...our seats. We were there but I don't see us. We did leave was very emotional.... SEE YOU GUYS IN THE WORLD SERIES NEXT YEAR!!!
Mzgreen Ornelas This time next year baby girl Fernandez will be here!!
Khadijah Scruggs My respect as well...we loved Jose and he will always be with his team every step of the way...he's always smiling or lose he loves u and we love him😢😢😊😊