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Paul George, from Los Angeles, wants to sign with the Lakers in free agency:

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"It would not shock me if Paul George or Jimmy Butler were moved, but I'd be surprised."

Woj was on the Dan Patrick Show today:

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REPORT: #Celtics have finally decided to INCLUDE the Brooklyn Nets 1st Round Pick in a possible deal for Paul George.

Allan Kuhn Brian Knierman If this trade happens things will be tough for the Cavs.
Henry John Deptula To rivals? Wow. He's worth it. He's young and proven.
Taylor Gustafson Wow
Samuel Sjobeck Taylor Gustafson interesting!
Matthew Christian Johnson Alden Cromwell
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Poor Duke. 😔

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Jameis Winston Apologizes for telling Elementary School Girls they should be 'Silent, Polite, and Gentle.'

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Why in the world would the Lakers have passed up on DeMarcus Cousins?

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Aaron Hernandez's Defense Team Issues Witness List with Bill Belichick's Name on It.

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Paul George considering the Lakers in 2018 Free Agency.

Here is why the Lakers should pursue proven players over draft position:

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins2 hours ago

Some familiar names back returned to the roster yesterday....

Mike Grosso Wow the dolphins have a 72 year old QB! I wonder if he'll compete for the starting job.
Karl Denhart Jr Not sure why he needed to resign? He was a dolphin when he retired?
Jim Brown Sylvia K Whittaker- glad to see Jakeem's name on the 2017 roster!!!
Adam Braga So you guys doin work on gettin Kenny back..Nice !
Collin Bardakjy stills wont be on there for long
Joe Surdel still behind the PATRIOTS !!!
Ploy Cosgrove Dayammm
Ryan Moree Kenny stills is on there.....
Jonathan Pickett Where's Ricky Williams?
Jeferson Alves Bob Griese hahaha
Ted Dekens I bet Dan Marino is as fast as ever
Antonio Salas Let's start Marino !!! 😍
Sharon McNab Dixon Megan Dixon
Flamur Kastrati Flo Lautenschläger nr 13 😁
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Aquafina.4 hours ago

Nat Moore, Bob Griese and Sam Madison joined Kim Bokamper to discuss their one day contracts with the team and their time on the field.

This is the Audible, presented by Aquafina.

Jerry Alexander I wish we had Facebook back when you guys played. This is awesome
Jack Souza Jr. I give bob greise some credit though 🙂
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins6 hours ago

"This organization, the team, this city, football, it all means so much to me."

Jeremiah T. Sheets The team should have used accurate throwback jerseys - you know, from the days when they had awesome uniforms.
Jared Ricker Would like too see Marino back in for that game to show Tannehill how to throw the ball
Sharon Lucas Hopefully they took DNA samples and are currently cloning them!!!
Karin Hollmann Shipman A good thing to do. They will always be DOlfins in my heart
Beto Tonix Dan Marino el mejor, por él me empezo a gustar el Americano a los 13 años, ahora a mis 36 sigo apoyando aun en epocas de vacas flacas
Paul Harris thats great but as soon as one of them get hurt its all over I know know its a PR prank but hell what do they have to lose
Claribel Santiago Perez Awesome they should have these jerseys available at the shop next season
Joel Sellars Classy move by the Miami Dolphins footvall operations staff.
Rod Coppage These were real players...they gave it all....we need players like them now.....
Cindee Willbanks Sirgany Awesome. Well deserved.
Jesús Vázquez Hernández 🙌🏻🐬🐬
Jeff Ball Congratulations, Find Up.
Jeff Ball Congratulations Fins Up.
Lynn Wolland Simply the best better than all the rest ❤️🏈
Dean Raudenbush Very nice
Sharon J. Crotty My favorite team !!! Happy to see "Danny boy" <3 you all!
Lavar Andrews Dan the man n respect Duper and Clayton
Scott Whitnum Hey that shirt is mine 13!!!
Jeff A. Velasquez Phins Up!!! 😉
Debra Hoffman
Jerry Bilotti Love to see the old timers, makes me feel younger... Hey! Maybe one of these guys knows where Brady's Jersey is...
Miguel A. Flores Dan "The Man" Marino
Ángel Alonso Galavíz Villalobos Marino comeback please
Miguel Lugo-Aranda Adrian Lugo Aranda
Stephanie Ramirez Jay Torres
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins18 hours ago

Six former players re-sign with the team and another top defensive play from 2016.

This is your #DolphinsDaily

Matthew Foos Paige, I love ya girl but enough drunk texts.... The wifey isn't amuzed anymore.
John Michael Niemela That Undfeated Season,So far no one Can Replicate ,Sorry Tom Brady
Robby Anschuetz Bring back the old logo
Nicholas Aslanli Doesn't marino retire with us?
Luis Fernando Flores Oviedo Those retro uniforms look great!
Loretta Mc Intyre Toscano Amazing
Lee Jackson Kiel Barrett, American rugby.
Jay Jenkins Allison Estes Jenkins show our girl!
Rod Pad Brittany Freeman
Ciaran Brogan Lee Williams
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins20 hours ago

Some of the all-time greats signed contracts today to officially retire as members of the organization.

Ralph Gonzalez I don't care what analyst know what former quarterback will ever say Dan Marino will be the greatest quarterback still in my mind and it's not all about because if he doesn't have a ring it's because his leadership his tenacity an handstand with one team I know Bob Griese has two Super Bowls and that's got to be eating Marino up and side but he has always shown professionalism and never showed it out in public he will always go down in the history books as the greatest quarterback that never won a Superbowl and it's a shame Dan Marino fan 4 life
Bea Fuentes Marino, Griese, Little are retired & in the HOF. Must be officially retired for eligibility. The others became free agents when their contracts expired & were let go. Sam Madison went on to Super Bowl glory with the Patriots I believe. Bokamper & Moore settled into the radio booth calling the fins games & Bokamper has done pretty well with his sports bars
Patrick Brochu Ok, this is great, but this is what is wrong with our organization... we continue to live in the past!!!! It is so frustrating. Let's focus a bit more on the current team we have honored these guys time and time again. We need to not expect our team to be the 72 team or the QB to be the next Marino, let's get out of our own shadow for once. Not a rant, love the team, and the legends that built it... but let's build new legends.
David Plotkin Now bring back the old uniforms! Fins up!!! 1966 logo or 1984
Carol Cafaro Canada Best of the Best🐬 So happy they will retire as a MIAMI DOLPHIN 🐬
Doug Spata Didn't these guys already retire as Miami dolphins??
Mark McCarra Would be nice to have another guy like Little up front for about a decade.
Paressa Tiglianidis Yes, Dan, please explain. When you retire don't you retire all around, from your team & league?
Lee Senberg Sr. Marino retired but was a free agent he was thinking of signing with Minnesota
Joe Surdel Lmao! Maybe worry about next years team as the Patriots continue to dominate
Michael McKenna They ran out of ideas so they decided to retire them again.
Jason Korniat How's the production assistant scum bag ! I lost all respect for you!
Darrell Deer I grew up rooting for these guys, but this is kind of strange. Maybe I'm missing something.
Bob King Does this mean that 5 years from now they'll be eligible for the Hall of Fame again? 2-time HOFers!
Javier Alvarez Ooooh so now it's "official"?!? 🤔 When will the retirement checks be mailed out?
Cynthia Lenardson Green I watched this today.... Nice seeing all! Love my Dolphins ! Been a fan forever!
Robert Bithorn Jr. Gase is a genius! He's gonna sign these guys then trade them for draft picks!
Joe Ramsey If you're in the hof already as a dolphin, you're number is retired,and you're in the ring of honor wth is the purpose of this?
Henry Wells Congrats to brothers 6 former Miami dolphins players Finz up 4 life
Anuar Gonzalez To all Dolphins' fans .. i ask you What If Dan would had a running back as Barry Sanders...
Robby Anschuetz Bring back the old logo
Sean Belcher I love my dolphins but it sounds like just a bunch of hype really over nothing
Phil Cruz Dolphins forever!!!!!
Cody Darville Dan Marino didn't do that already?
Michael Castañeda Sr. Didn't they already retire as Dolphins already?
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins shared a link.3 hours ago
Ryan Fleckner To bad the Mets can't trade Syndergaard and a Cespedes for Stanton. What Marlin fan, and I'm a "DieHard" Mets fan....Would do this? As a Mets fan, to get a Stanton, a man who can one day be close to break the HR record, I'd consider it. I believe the contract the Marlins gave him a few years back was way too much, dudes Legit, BUT, Overpaid, #THETRUTH, #NO?!
Franger García Martínez Bien, suerte para el gran hombre de Santa Cruz de Barahona! #GoMarlins 😛
Toney Caponi Your looking at him
Walter Boot McAllister Jr. We need a ace
Jose Zabala Iglesias I know I know it's early to confirm and say this Firmly but I think that he should be our opening day starter he does look like our best and ace starter I have the vibes telling me he is, DARN IF ONLY JOSE FERNANDEZ AND HIS FRIENDS WEREN'T DRINKING AND ON THE BOAT !!! I KNOW THE OTHER DETAILS WHY HE WAS IN THE BOAT AND THAT THE ACCIDENT COULD'VE HAPPENED IN A CAR PLANE ETC ETC BUT MARLINS BULLPEN ROSTER COULD HAVE BEEN AN INTRIGUING ONE EDINSON AND JOSE JUST HAVE THE DREAM LEFT AND BIG HOPES EXPECTATIONS FOR 2017.... R.I.P JOSE WE MISS YOU BRO !!! :'(
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins5 hours ago

Bright and early band work.


Osmany J. Dueñas Jiménez Gran Entrenamiento masivo de los Marlins, Suerte el proximo año lastima q ya no este Jose.....!!!
Leonard Albritton Let's go Marlins
DelosAngeles Garcia Nice!
Gloria Collie Hello Guys!!!
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins shared MLB All-Star Game's post.19 hours ago

Enjoy $10 FanFest tickets now through tomorrow at 10AM.

Use code FFAS at checkout:

Felix Brotons Who will give me a hand being scouted.I have a 500℅ BA since my senior year in junior high.
Rene Fernandez Armando Bernal
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins was live.1 day ago

Around the cage

Athenia Stringer Omg this weather doesn't look good at all be well Marlins don't need y'all being sick LOVE YOU Guy's so very a Marlins Fan until the end!!!! No matter what people say about my babies i will always love you guys
Luis Menes Anyisley Glez A prepararse bien para jugar como José Fernández. ...suerte y q esta temporada sea de post temporada...
Neftali H Sanchez Soy azul pero tengo un equipo en ensenada que se llama Marlins y me gusta el equipo
Jeff Graybeal Update Stanton in the trainers room since baseball has started now
Isabelle Eiriz Too comeon man, give them a chance...;)
Donald DeRosa Keep an eye on the sky because the rain is coming your way it's raining here in South Florida now miramar
Janet Pedraza-Perez I miss my son Michael he's one of the clubhouse guys, plz say hi to him for me 🤗
David Mickey Macera I love the sound of baseball!
Sue Freedman Hi Perry Hill. Best infield coach in MLB
Lina Best Moss Games start soon....can't wait!
Alberto José Quintero Stanton, You are the best.
Rick N Yudith Let's Go Fish!!!
Javier Gonzalez Everyone striking out during BP so let's end the video.
Dayron Dee Selbert-Farray Let's go Yelifish!
Jessica Galloza see you guys on sunday!:D
Sue Freedman Who is catching
Mark Veszi My boys
Jeff Graybeal Please make it though BP Stanton
Anderson Rivas Martinez Kohler is pitching
Jeff Graybeal *through
Richard A. Rosell Windy
Alberto José Quintero Yelich, I see you.
Alberto José Quintero Go fish
Manuel Jaime Ozuna?
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins1 day ago

Kickin' things off

Doris Bell I'm still looking for a picture of #28 Tyler Moore. It would be nice to see Matt den Dekker too (both former Nationals!).
Claribel Santiago Perez When u smell marlins baseball in the air
Jill Wenig Guadagna When is the first Spring Training game?
Linda Nealey Nuzum Go Marlins!
Ana Cayeiro Let Go Fish