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A-Rod to host reality show for broke former athletes.

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Did LeBron James flop?

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Outkick The Coverage caller interviews naked guy in the locker room live on-air after Clay Travis said this:

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'Seattle needs to just shut up.' - Dan Patrick

Lisa Marie Stewart Michael Wilbon of PTI said the same thing!!
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Roger Goodell and the NFL admit why he is avoiding Foxboro:

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At 23 months old, this kid is already shooting roughly 90%

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Two-Year-Old Absolutely Nails His Basketball Free Throws
At only 23-months-old, he's already got better shot record than Shaq. To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact S...
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'It was FOOLISH of him. It was SELFISH of him. It was INCONSIDERATE of him.'

Mike Tomlin says Antonio Brown will be punished.

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3 Oregon Players hospitalized after grueling workout, and one lineman has come down with a potentially life-threatening condition.

Mark Brandenburgh Rhabdomyolysis is this case is likely not life threatening. Treatment is rest and IV fluid hydration. Unless his CPK numbers are in the tens of thousands, he'll be back in the dorm in 2-3 days.
Erik Brody The players already said it's a non issue, that they want to work out harder than before.
Shaun Bott That's what they need a good hard workout they've been getting spoiled
Eric Moyer Football ain't for everyone, better to dump them now. Oregon is soft as it is,take it as a sign,drop to D-2.
Greg Coleman Gotta work hard to climb out of this hole and back to the top of the mountain
Mary Eklund Do you want them to die? Do you want an excellent healthy team or not?.
Cody Tang Nolan Akins Atti Tolsma
Jackie Blank Jason Blank Gregg Blank
Dallas Carlson Randy Carlson
Bunny Bun Robbie Errand
Artie Viggiano Greg Coleman
Sandor Clegenge Kenny Breland
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Citi.

1,000 kids joined us at Lakeview Elementary for our Dolphins Blitz.

Presented by Citi.

Alan Wallis nice work Dolphins keep up the awesome work
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins

Giving back to the community on MLK day.

Esoj Siul Zepol Etraud Congrats πŸ™‚
Alan Wallis way to give back to the youth of today. awesome Ooh
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Aquafina.

Ndamukong Suh takes home another honor and breaking down the Dade vs. Broward All-Star Weekend.

This is your #DolphinsDaily, presented by Aquafina.

Steven Surdi We need an award for most overpaid players who did little to nothing for our team.. nominees include but not limited it. Tannenhill, suh, and foster.. and the winner goes tooooooooo suh! Thanks for being the highest paid player and getting an average of 0 sacks 0 tackles per game!
Aaron Hollander Does anyone else unmute this just to hear Holly? And do you know if she does other teams as well (meaning is this a national Aquafina ad)?
Billy Paterson I was so proud on what my fins did this year. Best season in a while they will be back wishing coach case and the whole team a very good 2017.
Mike O'Neill The Dolphins will win the SB soon. I'm kidding no they won't. Lol
Lendy E Alvarez Thank you Mr. Ajayi, for helping win my fantasy football. Pays for a trip to Fla Land !
Farid Salas Great job girl. !!!!
John Hayes I love how he swept the knee in Big Ben and is sitting at home right now. Love it!
Bernie Roses She's wearing the πŸ™ŒπŸ» shirt!
Rick Allard Lol he golfing already. What it going on 47 ,48 years since your last Superbowl. (Oh ya not counting the to you play every year against the PATS) how has that worked for you!!!!!!!
Stan Crosby Whatever.......Go patriots
Ernest Robert Cheap shot artist. Punkass...
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Ryan Roanhorse Holly MVP! 😍😍
Baruch Vera Holly is so beautifull...
Jeffery James Wiswell Boo Stan
Isaac Argenis Im in love
Joe Maniscalco Not much to report here
Stevenson Guerrier Woobendy Guerrier is that you in the 4
Lee Finneran Ya forgot the "I don't show up in big games" award
Oscar Mincey Dee
Mike Musacchio This needs to happen state wide step up Bucs and Jags
Bruno Delfin Contla
Johney Turner go dolohins
Jacqueline Tobin Go Suh!
Moses Lawson I like what Steven said
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Aquafina.

Recapping the Dade vs. Broward All-Star games and more.

This is your #DolphinsDaily, presented by Aquafina.

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Cold Stone Creamery.

Happy Birthday, Koa Misi!

Chet Ciciotti He must have an amazing manager or makes great plays in practice. Can't remember him making a play in a game!
Alexis Gonzales Cut this bum, and hopefully we draft Reuben Foster, Jarrad Davis, or Cunningham from Vanderbilt. All great young Middle linebackers.
Emilio Monreal Due to injury Koa Misi has been ruled out for his birthday.
Tony Hollow No, he will b released. He sustained a pretty bad neck injury, miam would b fools to keep him. Happy Birthday!! But I cannot see him having much of a career left!!
Michael Engel Was it hard to remember how to put on your uniform for this pic, or did you have help? I know it's been a while since you last wore it. Honestly I hope you have a great birthday, but I won't miss you when you're cut for someone who can stay healthy.
Scott Bedley Happy B-Day, but Miami needs to move on from Misi. The guy is average at best and after his recent neck surgery, he may be done anyways. Looking forward to doubling down on LB in the draft this year.
Louis Brown Didn't know he was still with the team. Oh well, Happy Birthday!
Stuart Rance Why do you all want to cut a cheap player who can provide us good depth?
Jake Hanebuth Happy birthday former dolphin, oh wait it's not March yet. Whoops
Fernando Espinosa Happy Birthday, now be gone!
Johnny Vigil #uteproud! Hope to see you with your fin up laying hat next season Misi! Thank you for all you do and Happy Birthday!
Mary Hicks Herrera Happy birthday I hope it was a blessed one keep faith always next year I know it
Zackary Mudd Happy birthday Koa. Hoping you have an awsome 2017-2018 season next year
Kiefer Fleagle CUT!
Joey Saez Hurry up and cut this bum... Happy birthday though...
Barbara Moran Happy Birthday
Dean Cappetta Happy birthday go to another team
Shane Ready Stepyogameup!
Monty Craig Keller Happy Birthday.
Michael Verdino Happy bday cuzzzo
Tanka Butler Happy Birthday
Jackie Bear Hutchinson Happy Birthday & I want that hat! Next year let's get it. Fins up!
Bobby Dumas Happy birthday i hope you enjoy the unemployment line!
Lisa Vitella Happy birthday
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins

A new Marlins Hot Stove Radio Show starts now! Tune in to 940winz or online:

Joel Curyer Travis Wood and Mark Reynolds. What are the chances of signing someone like those 2 . Wood would make our bullpen much better and finally have a decent lefty also and Realmuto playing first is not the answer to team depth. Helps but is not the answer.
Ric Milstead watched him play for the Suns. Knew he was going to make it big
Robert Crouch great kid, talks with not at fans and not big headed ... underrated defender, nice swing and consistent contact... a great Marlin
Doris Bell Christian Yelich has beautiful hair. Looking forward to seeing Tyler Moore, who also has very nice hair.
Emily Udzinski Love yelli
Aquiles Rodriguez Perhaps a future hall of famer....
Hernan Gonzalez Still can't believe Jose Fernandez is dead. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Jeff Swanson Is Ichiro coming back for sure?
Teresa Gonzalez
Jill Wenig Guadagna Love my Yelich!
Teresa Gonzalez Arriba mis Marlins!
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins

This week, we agreed to contracts with Derek Dietrich, Adeiny HechavarrΓ­a, Tom Koehler, Marcell Ozuna and A.J. Ramos, avoiding arbitration.


Eric Frodge Adieny and Ramos are πŸ—‘, please find a short stop that can have descent fielding and a good bat, rather then great fielding and no bat
Ralph Gonzalez I'm still not going to be the same without Jose Fernandez I hope the Marlins can rally around just tremendous loss for the team and for the community to bring a championship to Miami due to the situation call Marlin
Robert Gonzalez All solid signings, but I wish we had managed to get Kenley Jansen earlier in the offseason. Ramos is a decent closer, but this team needs a great closer to go anywhere.
Ethan Bronstein The loss of Jose will hurt for a long time, but this team has grown closer than ever and I think they are close to contending...while you cannot replace a true ace like Fernandez, the Marlins as a unit are going to play harder than ever to honor their fallen teammate. #JDF16
Kevin Sealy Good move! We will win the World Series with these guys! Everything is really good.
Emily Udzinski Ok so somewhere in Dietrich contract says one game no shirt right......please......
Paolo Torres Huge mistake to bring back the overrated and useless hechavarria. Overrated as a defender and useless with the bat
Nancy Fernandez i was afraid some team would lure away Derek Dietrich. He could/should be an every day player. Glad we still have him.
John J Goitia Good signings.... now two more solid pitchers. Fernandez can never be replaced,and his loss will hurt forever.
Gabriel Vianna Pires Solid signings for a 1st place reverse standings.... usual marlins, actually usual Loria
Kelly Ann Keri AJ stays!!!!!!!!!
Brent Kagel Love it....Can't wait!!!!
Don McMinn Way to go guys! No more revolving doors!
Yandy Orozco Great news!!
Mimi Jacob Disch Great news!
Carol Berning Can't wait for a Spring Training!!!
Ismael Campos
Juan Torello 17 players for 98 millions dollars???
Steve Pachter Loria, sell the team!
Brian Maglio Keep signing and let's be significant!
Jim Macaluso Thank you for keeping the team together!
David D. Torres GREAT NEWS!!!
Brian Karpel Great to avoid arbitration with everyone eligible.
Linda Nealey Nuzum Hooray!
Laura Hoyt That's awesome!!!!!
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins

As part of his visit to the Dominican Republic, Dee Gordon hosted a baseball clinic for local children.

Eddy Elias Jr Gus Trujillo you think any of them understand anything? haha
Ethan Bronstein Wearing dat Steph Curry merch. We love you Dee! Jose is looking down on you with pride <3
Randy Erickson Just dont take any pills while you are there, Dee. We need you next year.
Karla Matos Thank you Dee Gordon!! πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’‹πŸ’žπŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒ·
Laurie Davis Diffie I love to watch Dee Gordon play ball!
Farid Salas Great job Dee ,enjoy the beautiful D.R.!!!
Thelma Caldera God bless him πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘β€
Zeb Vance I bet that was lots of fun!
Irma Pineiro Luna Way to go Dee! Nice of you!
Steve Marantz What city is this in nice ?
Oscar Gonzalez Please tell then too not to do steroids
Robert Naturalfitness looking good
Hall Kyle superb
Art John Cabrillas Visit here in the philippines
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins added 8 new photos.

This week, Dee Gordon teamed up with Food For The Hungry to help strike out hunger in the Dominican Republic.

#MarlinsAyudan |

Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins

Be there when Colombia takes the field at Marlins Park. Buy your 3-game Colombia pack now. #WBC2017

Paul Marin Ronald Velez a cuanto cada juego? O hay que comprar el paquete?
Paul Marin Avisen que van a comprar, Harold tambiΓ©n se apunta
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Ronald Velez Hay que comprar el paquete
Ronald Velez De una Paul Marin Alexis Palomino
Elizabeth Avery :like: very good :like:
Cesar Augusto Ronald Velez pilla