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The Cubs have begun distancing themselves from Sammy Sosa for comparing himself to Jesus Christ.

Robert Hockenbraugh Sammy Sosa may be comparable to Jesus Christ, I mean both are white. Comparison over
Raul Garza Jr There are better reasons to distance themselves from him.
Justin King Anyone to claim to be a dead person and to say you're JC haha distance yourself from people like this. Yes that's a great idea
Ed Lucas So Jesus Christ is bad?
Paul J Henry That looks like Elvis' corpse.
Allan Kuhn Rocky Dennis
Justin King Hahaha yikes
Eric Smith Vampire Sosa
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FOX Sports Radio3 hours ago

Bayou Boogie is here. (They got killed but this is going to be fun)

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FOX Sports Radio21 hours ago

"I Might Be Done This Year." Jim Boeheim on The Dan Patrick Show

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FOX Sports Radio22 hours ago

LeBron finally got the Playmaker he wanted.

Terry Van Sickle ???...playmaker??
Brian Knierman Brett Streicher That answer your question lol
Justin Nero Christian A smart move 6 years ago.
Bruce Connolly He'll still complain
Henry John Deptula Crybaby James has put the binky down.
Justin King Poor mans Kyrie
Allan Kuhn Brian Knierman
Victor Saldivar Kelsey Spenneberg
Brandon Watt Noorali Rupani
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The Celtics do NOTHING at the Trade Deadline.

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FOX Sports Radio1 day ago

Paul George, from Los Angeles, wants to sign with the Lakers in free agency:

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FOX Sports Radio1 day ago

"It would not shock me if Paul George or Jimmy Butler were moved, but I'd be surprised."

Woj was on the Dan Patrick Show today:

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FOX Sports Radio1 day ago

REPORT: #Celtics have finally decided to INCLUDE the Brooklyn Nets 1st Round Pick in a possible deal for Paul George.

Allan Kuhn Brian Knierman If this trade happens things will be tough for the Cavs.
Henry John Deptula To rivals? Wow. He's worth it. He's young and proven.
Taylor Gustafson Wow
Samuel Sjobeck Taylor Gustafson interesting!
Matthew Christian Johnson Alden Cromwell
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins2 hours ago

The week-long Dolphins Business Combine will help players learn about various aspects of business as well as meet and hear from highly respected business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sandra Chambers Good idea
Tien Nguyen Business. Leaders. Entrepreneurs. #Respect
Troy Libby Listen up boys wake has got some thangs to say!
Robby Anschuetz Bring back the old logo
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins7 hours ago

Looking back at the top plays made by the 2016 Special Teams Squad.

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins18 hours ago

Breaking down Kiko's interception against the Chargers as we continue to countdown our Top Defensive plays from the 2016 season.

This is your #DolphinsDaily

Adam Drew He's had a few really clutch plays. Glad he's here
Robby Anschuetz Bring back the old logo
Adriana Diaz Happy Birthday!
Charles Marshall Kiko is the man
Daniel Wood grande kiko
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins20 hours ago

Hall of Famer Jason Taylor & Sam Madison.

This is Madison Ave.

Tina Neal Jason is a great example to our future children to play ftball bcz he remembers where he comes from and stays humble! I just wish more of the Dolphin players would get more recognition and credit than what they do bcz many players are very deserving of this honor! <3
Debbie German Bomar Love #99!!😍😍 so happy to meet him personally a couple of weeks before the hall of fame announcement and get a picture with him and have him sign my jersey! Will never forget it!!❤❤
Jeff De Senso He deserved HOF first ballot no doubt. My second favorite next to only Dan Marino. People don't realize how bad some of the teams he played on and the indignity of them not showing him the money and making him take a stint with the jets (I can't even capitalize their putrid name). But your back home, going to Canton as a Phin and all is right with the world.
Eric Goldstein I was at that jets game. Go phins. Great interview sam. Jt is awesome and congrats again on hof. Hopefully thomas get in soon too
Veronica Young Oh man! Thank YOU for mentioning ZACH!!!!!! 🙂 I was in those crowds SCREAMING! 😉 Congrats Jason!
Marilynn Powell This is a must watch!! Nothing but love for #99 & our Dolphins💚
Dennis Johnson Love them both JT and SM both great players and both class acts,FINS UP!!!
Megan Dixon Sharon McNab Dixon I know you'll appreciate this🐬💪😎
Oneida Garcia How can I get to see Jason Taylor in person so my daughter can see him face to face?
Robby Anschuetz Bring back the old logo
Jody Franco Cabrera Wonder if he is still married to Zachs sister
Katie N Derek Molner Phins up. 2 Dolphin greats. Thanks for the video.
Wendy Carter Swiech Miss watching these two play!!! Love them!!! ❤🐬🏈
Melissa Montoto Love my Fins ! Love JT!!
Joyce Burton Love you JT
Greg LaChance Man crush forever!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Elise Kaplan This is great, love it! Love you Jason! Congrats!
Nadja Krasnoselsky Pitts Congrats Jason! So deserving!
Rita Grinstead Love love
Alan Oliphant Minivan really shouldn't the be in a lambo.
Suzanne Krueger More fun to walk!
Leo W Lorenzo Great dolphin player
Kevin Tanicien Fins Up` Astonishing
Ivonne Caldwell #99 you are in the same caliber as a Shula and Marino! ❤U and ❤🐬🏈
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins with Cold Stone Creamery.21 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Byron Maxwell!!

Patrick Hussey Like my man B. Marshall says stop holding. Just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean your not holding. Get your skills up hope they can bring Sherman over so he can give him some pointers. Smh
Juanita Hernandez Happy Birthday 🎉, have a great year, and never mind the negative stuff, fins up
Mike Jean Happy Birthday Maxwell but why you allways wearing a long sleeve shirt under your shoulder pads?
Joseph Milton Henderson Sr. Happy Birthday my guy !!!! Looking forward to seeing u this new season
Stuart Rance See the idiots that wanted Tannehill benched and Suh cut have a new target...
Henry Wells Happy birthday brother Bryon Maxwell Finz up for life just win baby
Mark Kolinski The way you guys played this year you deserve no birthday
Charles Bragg They ain't cut this dude yet!?
Patricia Gordon Have a blessed Birthday and a magnificent and fantastic season. Go Dolphins, all the way !! ! ! ! ! ! !! !
Jo Ann Britton Happy Birthday!
Andrea Griffin-Scott Happy Birthday little cousin from your Charleston family, love you❤❤❤❤🎂🎂🎂
Jen Lig Happy birthday big man!
Tom Carnley Happy Birthday
Wesley Hotaling Sr. Happy birthday hope you have a great day
Deacon Robert Maxwell Happy Birthday Cuz!
Aaron Biggerstaff Happy Birthday
Michael Anderson Happy birthday.
Mike Ferguson Happy birthday!
Manny Delhomme Happy birthday hoomie
Kyle Gronk Pickens Happy birthday you scrub
Mike Latulippe Happy birthday
Alan Vargas Happy birthday B-Max!
Charles Hankins Happy birthday to you Byron maxwells
Mario Alberto Galvan Martinez feliz cumpleaños ! ! !
Lloyd Frank Carter III Happy Birthday Byron
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins2 hours ago

Nothing Was the Same. ☁️


Vidal Hernandez R.I.P 16.... who we trading next let's be real here so I know what jerseys not to buy this season
Doris Bell I'm truly sorry he died so young and so tragically. My condolences to his family, his friends, his teammates, and his fans.
Rosa Ruiz #16JoseFernandez! We will miss you forever! 🙁
Marcelino Martinez Vamos Ozuna
Kim Novak Picucci ⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️Marlins!!!!
Claribel Santiago Perez Count down to Sunday lets go🐟
Tilepaix Bankpwel McKnight And nothing will ever be the same...............R.I.P.......
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins8 hours ago

Got a good feeling about your #Marlins this year? Share your 2017 predictions on the MLB Fans app.

Chris Motherway I predict the Marlins will be above .500...but the attendance will be below one million for the year...and possibly in three digits for certain games. #SellTheTeamLoria and head off to France where you're WANTED!!
Doris Bell I predict that Tyler Moore will be the Marlins' backup first baseman, and I'm crossing my fingers so that it will come true.
Steve Alexander Silva They have potential and talent.. It will definitely be a team to watch 2017
Jill Wenig Guadagna This is our year...let's go all the way Marlins!!!❤⚾
Dan Ziesmer I see good hitting and an overtaxed bullpen. 79-83 unless they can trade for starting pitching they have no chance at the playoffs.
Jonathon Davis 88-74 wild card and world series champs
Ozzie Osborne I will watch every game that is on TV just like the last 5 years come down for my birthday again and watch it live GO FISH
Leonard Albritton looking at another .500 season or just below, still alot of young talent , some very good, hope they have higher expectations .
Brian Childress I've got a feeling that this season is gonna be special. Let's go fish!!!
Frank Cordova Last season, they were in position to make the playoffs. 2017, they get the job done and make it in, but as division champs for the first time in franchise history.
Anthony Rogers 162-0
Jack Pasquella Playoff's....
Osmin Head Morales Not making the playoffs
Mike Olson 74-88
Rod Coppage A good year if they can stay Healthy.....
Robert Hoddinott Can't wait! 😅
Matias Martini World Series Champion. I believe in our guys. #LetsGoFish
Dee Hall 🏆🏆'At 'least' the state championship 'if 'not' further'⚾️⚾️🏆🏆
Vincent James Gralewski somewhere between 2-160 and 60-102
Adrian Navarro World series. Here we come!!!
Alston Siu Above .500
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins21 hours ago

That smile though. 😄


Ethan Bronstein "Play like Jose played" I think these players are taking that to heart and the death of Fernandez really puts life in perspective. I am looking forward to a season full of smiles, I know Jose is up there smiling too.
Cheryl Fladstol I love to watch him play. He plays with passion and joy of the game. And, oh the sound the bat makes when it connects with the ball. Music to my hears!
Bunny Robles You forgot abouta.j Ramos closer hopefully our boys will play like children like Jose f.played .love them all .grandma bunny.
Ignacio Vivs I feel he will become a new leader after what happened last year, we need the bats power now that we lack THE ACE.
Claribel Santiago Perez I mean i dont watch baseball for the good looking guys but he sure does make watching baseball more enjoyable
Ismael Anael Muñoz giancarlo stanton
Tilepaix Bankpwel McKnight I hope that smile can translate to bating over .270+ and having a low strikeout rate.....this season.....
Debbie Steinhoff Kuhfahl The best! Hope he's smiling all season long
Tommy Kimball When he heard Loria might be selling the
ピヤソン ナヲ子 One of my favorite plAyer!!
Jennifer Wofford Love it!
Kacey Hinton Ray Mandi Donayre...isn't this your man?
Aaron Jose Galindo Paz Tiger Woods 😂😂😂
Eric Goldstein Let's make roger dean stadium practice fields. More fan friendly.
Limary Velez 😍❤
Will Jen Boehmer Annnnnd he's hurt
Rubi Interiors Go for 80+ HR this HR derby. Give us a show at home for JoFez16
Jeannie Mauck Just a joyful guy!!!!
Lissette Diaz My favorite player 🙂
Linda Nealey Nuzum Get ready, Big G.
Jackie Thomas 👍🏾
Dee Hall ⚾️?🏌
Yvette Pitts Giancarlo I'm glad to see you smiling
To Bi Wille Hoooohoooo Roy Gregory Wesche
Everardo Almanza Almost time Rudy Vargas
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins shared a link.1 day ago
Ryan Fleckner To bad the Mets can't trade Syndergaard and a Cespedes for Stanton. What Marlin fan, and I'm a "DieHard" Mets fan....Would do this? As a Mets fan, to get a Stanton, a man who can one day be close to break the HR record, I'd consider it. I believe the contract the Marlins gave him a few years back was way too much, dudes Legit, BUT, Overpaid, #THETRUTH, #NO?!
Franger García Martínez Bien, suerte para el gran hombre de Santa Cruz de Barahona! #GoMarlins 😛
Walter Boot McAllister Jr. We need a ace
Toney Caponi Your looking at him
Jose Zabala Iglesias I know I know it's early to confirm and say this Firmly but I think that he should be our opening day starter he does look like our best and ace starter I have the vibes telling me he is, DARN IF ONLY JOSE FERNANDEZ AND HIS FRIENDS WEREN'T DRINKING AND ON THE BOAT !!! I KNOW THE OTHER DETAILS WHY HE WAS IN THE BOAT AND THAT THE ACCIDENT COULD'VE HAPPENED IN A CAR PLANE ETC ETC BUT MARLINS BULLPEN ROSTER COULD HAVE BEEN AN INTRIGUING ONE EDINSON AND JOSE JUST HAVE THE DREAM LEFT AND BIG HOPES EXPECTATIONS FOR 2017.... R.I.P JOSE WE MISS YOU BRO !!! :'(
Joe Lopez Can't wait for ⚾️🏑
Linda Nealey Nuzum Go, Edinson!
Ana Cayeiro good luck to him.
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins1 day ago

Bright and early band work.


Osmany J. Dueñas Jiménez Gran Entrenamiento masivo de los Marlins, Suerte el proximo año lastima q ya no este Jose.....!!!
Leonard Albritton Let's go Marlins
Gloria Collie Hello Guys!!!
DelosAngeles Garcia Nice!
Yvette Pitts Flex those muscles guys