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FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

The Chargers need to take more blame in this situation.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Seriously, if you haven't started reading these you are missing out.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Ben Utecht is a former NFL player suffering from memory loss as a result of CTE.

One day, he will be unable to remember his wife and daughters.

As a result Ben wrote a book, 'Counting Down the Days While My Mind Slips Away' and was kind enough to share some words with Fox Sports Radio. Read his words below.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Andrew Luck explains his.... is that a phone?

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Where do you draft Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell in fantasy?

Matthew Berry with the answers.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Reggie Bullock opens up about the murder of his transgender sister, who was killed for being who she was.

A very powerful, moving interview. Worth your time today.

Ryan Schultz Outstanding Interview!! Definitely feel for him and his family, I'll be pulling for Reggie Bullock to have a prosperous NBA career!
FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Should you ever play your starters in the preseason? Debate here.

FOX Sports Radio
FOX Sports RadioAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Legendary John Smoltz on why LLWS pitchers rarely make it to the pros. Show this to your kids, parents, and coaches.

Daniel FYou Dent Too many damn hammers. Shouldn't be throwing hooks until their arm develops. Teach your kids to throw a change (palm, circle, forkball, or knuckle). Then, when they develop the curve ball, they'll have an arsenal. Peace.
Don Freeman Smoltz is right on the money !!! Great report !!!
Trang Hamm Bic Harrington Matt Harrington
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Jeremy Parsons from People is your #DolphinsDaily host!

Brent Saltzman I don't know who this Jeremy Parsons guy is but he looks like he could play teenage Spock.
Erika Serrano I Love You shirt
Troy McGookin Nips
Mark Kalagayan my man need a bigger shirt
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Michael Thomas came up with a big play on defense last night.

Randy Jinkerson That's what pre-season is all about - making the plays when given the opportunity.
Manny J Snow Relax's preseason so let's enjoy the positive things...we all know that the regular season is the real measurement on where we are as a team.
Rigo Vasquez I think he's good give him shot
Markus Rothaupt Need them during regular season.
Ricardo Erdös Cappon We have good safeties but not so CBs
Telly Youngest jus keep it up bro
Spencer Cooper Baller!!
Nina DeLapp
Alex Fabregat He already made one against Brady!
Brent Spence Can he play corner??? 😨
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Recapping last night's victory in Orlando

Jeremy Parsons from People is your #DolphinsDaily host!

Rita Grady Williams Go Dolphins you Rule
Alfredo Tirana Ordonez good win here in Orlando fins up
Jim Brasby Sr. Go Dolphins! Not sure about this cupcake with that shirt vest on..
Dave Reinhard Geaux Dolphins!
Chuck Utz Your new guy 😉
Oliver Hodnik Talk about excitement about a worthless preseason match
Nina DeLapp
Junior Salausa Dolphins4Life!
JP Taz
Shackles Harold Spanishfly Valdivia Shackles
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins was live.August 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

The Audible with Kim Bokamper

Today's guest: Ed Newman

Mario Mendez I was 8 years old at the Orange Bowl, lost near the home team entrance to the field and watched Ed walk by on game day ready to roll. The image is burned in my mind. Mean looking dude on the day.
Esteban Cebreros One thing I really liked about last night is the tempo the first-team offense played with. It's an adjustment that the players seem to be grasping now.
Linda Elaine Jones Let's go Dolphins. Bring the Big Defense back please....
John Beals Ed How many games do you think the Dolphins will win this year?????
Andre Clifford John Herringer If you watch last night game and think things are looking up for the phins we don't need your support. Remember we are all supporters so support your team guys
Esteban Cebreros Tannehill is looking more comfortable now running Adam Gase's offense, as judged by the pre-snap signals he's making and adjustments.
Henry Wells No negative on the aidible we all brothers and sisters miami dolphins talk I hear bout,miami dolphins
Ronald Edward Tannehill makes the pro bowl this year what are all you fake negative paper troll fans going to complain about, oh I'm sure you'll find something to complain
Danny Charron Well I went to the game last night and I've been a fin fan for 25 years and I really liked what I saw with our starters
Bob Lenhard Do we have any linebackers that can make a tackle for a loss?
Danny Charron Ryan T has never had a o-line to give him a chance and he's still put up top 10 stats
Danny Charron Ryan looked good last night 22/29 for almost 200 yards the interception wasn't his fault
European Fin Fans Wonders how much of the last two pre season games Josh Foss watched...Tennehill showed more then mediocre in both
Cody Cline Josh foss must read I to much Omar Kelly. This is a team game. I can recall atleast three games that our defense lost for us alone. Wanna talk o line as well I can recall at least two games they hurt us last year.
Esteban Cebreros It's very refreshing to see this team running a modernized offense, compared to years past.
Ronnie Edward Warren Phinz up! I love the play calling last night for the first time in a long long time!
European Fin Fans all depends on how we come out of the first 4 weeks. If we come out 2-2 or better we should be able to finish above .500
Rick Brey Fins will do well one week at a time with this coaching staff.
Joe Rico Hey all though I do appreciate the giants beating the pats 2 times in the super bowl....wrong page
Eric Carrier Some of you people need to follow a new team how are u this negative and making these comments about a team you supposedly like
Jason Braaten We haven't carried 3qbs on active roster in years danny
John Beals I think they will have a good start if they beat New England going up there without their star quarterback playing
DavidnMaria MoralesPichardo He's changed a play or two on the line last which is awesome
Esteban Cebreros Once Matt Moore returns from concussion, I think he'll still be the No. 2 quarterback.
Esteban Cebreros Highly doubt it. Put at least one of them on practice squad.
Miami Dolphins
Miami DolphinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

We're here to work.

This is The Grind - Running Backs

Sammy Collins I was there last night. It was a fun game. Please have another Dolphins preseason game in Orlando next year
Sue Fenimore Efant Thank you for coming to Orlando. Please come back soon. We love you guys up here.
Jay Stanners How exactly does a guy who played QB in the CFL, become an NFL RB coach?
Anthony J Boulais good job Miami Dolphin we are stell a big fans of you from the boulais because you are a Number one on you
Angell Garciia Son los mejores
Danizo Pizzutti What running backs?
Nelson C-Mithenc Well job that they are large, are the best Dolphins
David Harris Go fins
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Perez Go Team, the last game this is Super bowl
Salomón Pérez Y luego dices que no eh? Isaac. I'm Steeler for life.
Fernando Delgado Que bien👍👍
Enrique Benitez Inviten a un partido no se han malos.
Jeffrey Harris Keep it up in the regular season go fins
Steven Cubiche Ferro 🚮🚮🚮
Paul R. Young our first 2 games r tough be lucky to beat the pats
Martin Duarte
Mauricio Ramirez Garcilazo Mira Omar Solis
Alex Terrazas Jose San Roman Luna
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Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

That was a crazy game of baseball!


Teresita Esther Newman That was some amazing comeback!!! Team efforts is all so great. Lots of injuries but the team keeps pushing. We also love the great job of the new managers. Can't wait till tonight and tomorrow will love this in person. GO MARLINS!
Michael Weiss Good for you Johnson! Well deserved. He has had a tough season. If they are going to make it, guys like that have to step up. Our injury situation is just ridiculous. I have no idea how these guys are doing so well. I guess Mattingly and Bonds are doing a great job!!
Shaun Stephenson It was an awesome game of baseball. Such an incredible last few innings. Well deserved.
Brian Nolfo I was there, and had that magic feeling, he was gonna do it! Outstanding!!!!!!!
Renato Diaz In base ball it's been said it's not over till da Fat Lady Sings I guess she started singing in da 8 inning and finished in The 9.
Robert Maxwell And handed the San Diego Padres a 75th loss for 2016.
Dee Dolores Disgdiertt Nelson Great game, let's keep it going.
Franger García Martínez Venimos de atrás y ganamos, debemos de tomar buen ritmo para llegar a los playoff. ... Buen trabajo hoy!
Juan Blas Molina Zelaya Totally unexpected. We manage to comeback. Would this be the third time that we manage it to make it to the postseason.
Maria Consuelo Jaramillo ,yeahhhhhhh,👏👏👏👏👏👏👏☝👍👍👌👍👍👍
Brian Diehl They are winning and fans still aren't going to the games. Don't be upset when there is another sell off.
Robert Smith figures i went to bed and missed a comeback really ruin my life lol!
Joan Kittridge Go Fish.
Margie Kieper Congratulations on the win!
Maria Elena Fuentes Yeah it was greaaaaatzyyyy!
Di Lamas Excellent! 👍⚾️
Tsi Huei Tuang 一郎……還真是老玩童*^O^*
Norikatsu Suhara Fish fish!!
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am



Frank Rosello Love this team! Best team we've had in a long time! We just need the freaking Cardinals to lose! Even if we don't make the playoff's Im proud of this team. Still in the hunt with all the injuries, Stanton's 2 month slump, and the raining batting king and gold glover missed 80 games. Not bad at all Miami!!!
Teresita Esther Newman Went to bed 7th inning, mad bcs they were loosing, my hub and wakes me up and tells me get up you want to see your team win. Omg what a comback. What a team. So happy for them to see them celebration and Ichiro, wow he is always so quiet was jumping up and down. Great game Marlins. I will be at the games tonight and tomorrow. Johnson you rocked it. Way to step up!!!! Love those Marlins!!!
Juan Blas Molina Zelaya Our Marlins need better followers .I love them, i have seem them to win 2 world series. Just believe that They will take you to greatness.
Mireya Acosta !!!Que bueno!!! me alegro mucho. Sigan adelante . Go Marlins Goooooooooooo.
Chien Tsai Someone step up to right moment, that's Johnson, cheer you up!
Idol Ivan Rosada nice team miami marlins hahah
Giuseppe Ojeda Martinez Exellent ; great team
Patricia Mazur Love this team! Never give up!
Xiomara Lorenzo I was so freaking happy to see them win tonight ...Jeff Francour did awesome today... Go Fish
Joseph Fried Coach Matt is realy got to be lovin this team!
Maria Elena Fuentes Terrific game my boys. Loved it. Way to go Marlins!
Anthony Lyle Cunningham Going to the game Saturday night , can't wait
Renee Gant Love my fish!!!! Don't count us out yet!!!!!! 2016 WS champs coming
Johnnie Budman I am tired of Marlins win 3 games then lose next 3 games then win lose win lose win lose... That's enough!!! Please keep us in winning column!
Joseph L Martinelli Can't wait to show this to my kids in the morning! They fell asleep too soon!
Matthew Matty T Timbery Mundarrah GloGang Welsh Throw water bottles at the cents head
Juan Blas Molina Zelaya The margin was huge. We manage to overcome the outcome of the game. It was amazing that we won this game.
Michael Weiss Great win. If Cosart beat us I was going to pull my hair out
Franger García Martínez Ahhhhh!! Ganamos, no me lo creo!! xD
Orlando Rodriguez I hope we make the playoffs! Go fish!
Luznilda Natal Never seen Ichiro so animated!
Mireya Acosta Pues crealo, porque siiiiiiii, ganamos.
Jorge Luis Beatiful #LetsgoFish
Brandon Fludd HOLLA #walkoff
Robert Rosquete Go fish
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am
Joseph L Martinelli My kids were asleep when this happened. They'll be so excited when I tell them about this. They have Chris Johnson autographed baseballs they received from Chris back in July during a Kids Starting Lineup on-field experience. Great memories! Thanks Chris Johnson! Go Fish!
John Polemis BRAVO! Well done Miami! Go Marlins! Beat those Padres! Ha!
Henry Wells Miami Marlins miami dolphins Miami hurricanes miami heat 4 life just win baby
Obniel Exposito As fun as it is to watch them win, if only they were really trying to make it into the postseason, they would be well ahead of St. Louis by now.
Michael Weiss I'm happy for Johnson. He hasn't contributed much. He deserved it. He tries hard out there. Maybe give him a start at 1B tomorrow
Maria Elena Fuentes It was super exciting. Congrats! Way to go Marlins!
Leonor G. Fonseca I love my Marlins!! Win or loose!! Congrats boys!!
Franger García Martínez Vaya, asi es nunca rendirse chicos! Go Marlins!
Isabel Ojeda Go Marlins! Go Fish! Good job!
James Boyle Raul Padron! Dam if I didn't have to get you home early! Happy birthday homie
韓露兒 Everyone was excited about the unbelievable win,especially Ichiro😂
陳建壕 一朗你在幹嘛
Henry Wells How bout da miami marlins just win baby Miami Marlins aka Florida Marlins 4 life
Daniel Chen Kohei Otsuka ichiro lolll
Hidekel Peralta lol... Ichiro. 😀
Margie Kieper Well done.
Hall Veeg Great come back!!!!
Paulos Mea Lol Ichiro
Brett Kaplan Huge win!!!
Juan Blas Molina Zelaya It was an amazing win. We needed this one desperately
Tsi Huei Tuang 一郎 ……真正的老玩童,*^O^*
Giesis Yariel Aguila LOL LOOK AT ICHIRO PULL ON JOHNSON's Jersey
Ryan Hastings Go miami
Renato Diaz
Juan Carlos Looking good fish! 👍🏼
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins was live.August 27th, 2016 at 8:19am


Dan Edmonds The Fish were 69-49 at this point is 2003. We have 67 wins now. We can do it!!
Katie Brinkerhoff Yay! I get to see you play next week in Cleveland! I can't wait!
Hector Antonio Flores need to bring back some playoffs to miami in baseball..
Darien Ashley Bamooooooooooooos marlins
Evelyn Marie Oh, Marlins, walk-off..... #TwoOutBaseball
Mirtha Pereida Goooooooo Marlins!!!!
Nelson R Yera Let's go Marlins !!!
Ben Kellogg WHAT A WIN! Wins like this determine who's playoff worthy and who's not.
Robbie Gaitan Big win so proud of the grit this team shows #gofish #fishfamily 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Adam Greenstein The Marlins are in the win column!!!
Hector Antonio Flores week need Stanton back naw with Dee Gordon.
Angel Rojena Awesome game bro haveint seen one like this in a minute #floridamarlins #miamimarlins #fish4life
Ryoma Takemi Great win! Let's Go Marlins !!
Shaun Stephenson Absolutely brilliant win. The 8th was a thing of beauty!!!
Patty Escobar Awesome😘😘😘 Marlins !😘😘😘😘
Jose Gonzalez Great come back win walk off style. Way to go guys.
Angel N. Carballo Whoo hoo...lets go Marlins
Henry Wells How bout da miami marlins just win baby
Debreczeni Sándorné Super!!!!! Go Marlins!!!!!
Adalberto Bonilla Maiami los campeones
Henry Wells Miami Marlins let go miami marlins aka Florida Marlins just win baby
Dominguez Luz Go go Marlins
Henry Padilla Yeahhhhh!!!
Rachel Robins Omg! Comeback win needed that
Trelisha Butler Yay..Go Marlins
Miami Marlins
Miami MarlinsAugust 27th, 2016 at 8:19am

Who wants one?

#LetsGoFish | #FishFamily

Antonio J Monasterios S I'll take a win instead
Laurey Cruz Can't wait for tonight's game
Maria Elena Fuentes Way to go Marlins!
David Goldsmith Who wants one?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? # Lets Go Fish # Fish Family.