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U.S. Forces Seal Baghdad Entry Points
Coalition forces have sealed off key highways into and out of Baghdad.

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Baghdad Airport in Coalition Control
Baghdad's Saddam International Airport has been renamed the "Baghdad International Airport

Washington Post Columnist Killed in Humvee Accident
Washington Post columnist Michael Kelly was killed while travelling with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division.

As U.S. Closes in on Baghdad, Dangers of Close Combat Loom
It's possible Iraq's Republican Guard is trying to draw battle on the streets of Baghdad.

Poll: Battle Gains Bring Optimism
A surge of public optimism has greeted the U.S. military's advances on the ground in Iraq.

U.S. Soldiers Face Tough Choices
American soldiers keeping watch south of Baghdad must make instant life-or-death decisions.

Bush: Destination is Baghdad, Accept Nothing Less than Complete Victory
"Our destination is Baghdad, we will accept nothing less than complete, final victory" President Bush said.

Life With the Troops: Reporter's Notebook
Check out these exclusive audio reports from Kuwait from Clear Channel's Aaron Katersky!

Helpful Links to Support the U.S. Troops Overseas.
A useful collection of links to help you show support for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Tribute Songs for Our Troops
Check out these songs that pay tribute for our soldiers and their families ...

A Guide to Military Terms
A list of military terms and acronymns you're likely to hear as Operation Iraqi Freedom continues

Quadruplets' Dad Deployed to the Gulf
It was nearly a year ago that Christina and Patrick Tetrick celebrated the arrival of their quadruplets ...

Rescue of Jessica Lynch is Highly Unusual in History
Maybe the first successful planned raid by U.S. forces to free an American prisoner of war since World War II

National Threat Level Raised
Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
Iraq Information
American Protesters Protesting America
The world would be a darker and uglier place if America wasn't so powerful.

Supporting Our Troops is Tricky
Pro-war or antiwar, we can all support our troops. You have to do something.

Saving Private Lynch
A stiff salute is deserved to the guts and skill of the special operations units.

Iraq, at its widest point, is about 400 miles across. Baghdad has about 3.8 million people, which is the size of LA.


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